GamerVision: Demon's Souls Eyes-On

Recently, Atlus announced that they would be bringing Demon's Souls, a Japanese action-RPG, to North American audiences as a PS3 exclusive. Since the PS3 hasn't exactly had a lot of titles in the role-playing genre, GamerVision was really looking forward to hearing more about it. Today while visiting Atlus on the E3 floor, they had a chance to watch a live demo of Demon's Souls, and they must say, it's not your typical action/role-playing game.

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Parapraxis3419d ago

Was gonna import, but now with a localized version coming I may wait.
They'll probably work out a few bugs here and there in the process.

Lots of people have been waiting for a hardcore hack & slash RPG exclusive to the PS3...Well BAM! There it is!

40cal3419d ago

"when dying, players leave “bloodstains”, which are basically red outlines of their bodies. You will be able to see how gamers have met their deaths before you, and hopefully try to not meet the same fate."

That just sounds all kinds of cool, walking up on a room with previous adventures scatter all over the ground. That's when you know its about to get real.

Three player co-op is part of the package as well, sounds very promising.

TheColbertinator3419d ago

All the previews say the game is hard as hell.I gotta admit I'm a bit anxious to test it out

Simon_Brezhnev3419d ago

yeah its hard but fun but my only problem i beat the game and the difficulty felt like it tripled. I have a max out character but now i literally die in like 1 hit lol. Game got me so mad i aint play it since lol.

lukeb4dunk3419d ago

To put it simply, yes, it is hard, but it is really much deeper than that. It really forces you to learn how to play smart and well. It's not like GoW, where you just go in and start slashing away. You will learn to enter each area cautiously and to fight as few enemies at one time as you can. You learn from dying, plain and simple and as one person has even pointed out, even on the cover of the game, your character is sitting there dead.

I have put near 200 hours into the game and enjoyed almost every minute of it. It is quite challenging, but not really in a frustrating way. Definitely in my top 3 PS3 games so far.