GameSpy: Heavy Rain Preview

Gerald V: "Heavy Rain: The Origami Killer is Quantic Dream's mature-rated murder mystery thriller, which draws inspiration from films like "Seven." When they say mature, they're not messing around, but we'll get to that shortly. One of the hooks to Heavy Rain is that you'll have four protagonists instead of just one, with intertwining stories that come together to paint the big picture."

Gorgeous visuals; mature storytelling; four protagonists to play as; may be the next step in adventure gaming.

Rape is serious subject matter and an interactive rape fantasy is dangerous territory to tread.

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killinet2473421d ago

Interactive rape...? Oh boy, can't wait to see what the media tries to say about this...

40cal3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

I bet things like this are why the game got pushed back. Rape is a touchy subject. I think you should be able to have it in games as part of a story as long as you are not the perpetrator.

The game really dose sound fantastic though.