Hip Hop Gamer Debates Sony VS Microsoft on Gamertag Radio

Gamertag Radio Interviews Hip Hop Gamer about E3. Sony vs MS debate before Ubisoft's E3 press Conference.

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MAR-TYR-DOM3879d ago

i forgive him for his stupid comments about how amazing M$ press conference was because he hasnt seen sony's yet. BUT WOW, he actually got a prediction "semi" correct with the "Grand Theft Auto" exclusive for PS3.... as we found out, its not "GTA" but its still a Rockstar North game exclusive for PS3

SixTwoTwo3879d ago

Its been known since 2007 that Rockstar and Sony were making a game.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3878d ago

So basically since "big sites" somehow agree to wax Microsoft's balls, by "democracy" or by "authority" it is proven that Microsoft "won". That is, according to Xbox fanboy's faulty logic. I have news for you morons, "Democracy =/= truth" and "Authority =/= truth".

So how exactly did Microsoft win? $$$$?? How much is the official press getting paid? So since it is "official" press, it is good? Yeah, I bet jews in Germany loved to know that it was "official" to be inferior, different, foreign and that it was *legal* to kill them and/or make experiments with them, or blacks in the US loved to know it was *official/legal* to be property of some southern white dude. Xbox fanboys would have never questioned all those actions, since after all, it was official or legal, so it *must* have been the thing to do. We live in a very dumb world.

That aside, isn't it funny how Microsoft supposedly "won" by having multiplatform games, especially one they touted as if it was exclusive when not only was it not, but it was disowned by the series creator. On the other hand, games like "The Agent" get downplayed, and all fanboys think that, since several PS3 announcements were leaked, then those weren't really worth anything, especially since everyone supposedly *should* know about rumors and leaks. But seriously, I love how the FFXIV announcement gets downplayed even when nobody really expected it, and I also love how the Metal Gear Rising announcement gets the spotlight as if it was the announcement of forever even when it's still hitting PS3 and it's just a spin-off. How did "The Agent" get downplayed too? Why is "Trico" forgotten as an important announcement... because it was *leaked*? If that's the case then Alan Wake, Splinter Cell: Conviction, and FFXIII among other games shouldn't be taken into account as far as the 360 conference went, because everyone knew already. Not only that, but everyone knew Sony and Microsoft were gonna show motion controllers anyway, so why is it a big issue? Hell, why is facebook and twitter a big issue on 360 when I've been able to do that from my PS3 web browser since day 1? Hell, why is 1080p streaming such a big announcement when less than 1% of people will *actually* be able to display 1080p being streamed as it's not a realistic goal in terms of internet speeds? I can get 1080p decompressed from Blu-ray without an expensive (or non-existent) internet connection. Seriously, there's a lot of double standards here, it's sickening.

To add insult to injury, their new accessory came to force owners to replace already existing accessories (like the webcam), and to divide casual and hardcore fanbases instead of uniting them as PS3 is going to do (and as PS2 did), and it also won't force you to change the PS Eye you already own.

The 360 is turning into what most Xboxers hate, a Wii, and yet they're all over it. And to top it off, the new playing control is not going to work for most genres, even less than the Wiimote, unlike Sony's solution which will work immediately with all games. Sorry boys, you're not gonna like this, I know it's cool to support Microsoft as you must see them as an Underdog (lol), but don't you think that it would be a lot better if Natal had some sort of precision related inputs like triggers, buttons and/or sticks? Like a hybrid of what Sony and Microsoft is doing? Because the way you guys paint it, Sony's solution is garbage/useless and Microsoft's has revolutionized the industry (despite the fact that not only is it unproven tech, but that it is an evolution of what the Wii started, not a revolution).

FamilyGuy3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

Is there an interview or something that someone could kindly link me to showing hiphopgamers impressions of the sony conference or will i have to wait for sunday?

He try to be "real" so i want to know his "real" opinion of whether sony came back hard against M$ because he was obviously impressed. Funny thing, even he didn't call or get tricked in to believing that MGS:R was a M$ exclusive, he knew better right away.

What the other guy said about Bioshock 2 made me think too. Yhere isn't much being shown of it, video or demo wise...

KionicWarlord2223879d ago

I like hhg. He explained alot of stuff. He`s very enthusiastic.
His opinions arent bias . Also i like how he said "im a gamer fan but prefer the ps3".

iDystopia3879d ago

....and Lloyd the Droid Wonder isn't happy unless everything is praising Sony.

ultimolu3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

And iDystopia needs to remember what zone he's in before he insults others.

That was uncalled for.

Oh, and look at two disagrees! So using that word in the Gamerzone is allowed! Oh, excuse me for defending someone who was getting ganged up on.

This site gets worse by the day.

Enate3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

before the Sony press conference ubisoft was the day before Sony. So they are asking him to compare before he even sees what Sony has? That's hardly fair in my opinion.

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Parapraxis3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

HHG said that R* had a PS3 exclusive some time ago (he thought it was GTA5), but it was Agent. Good call though still.

He must have had a gamegasm after seeing GOW3 footage though.

I feel bad for the janitor that must have found the mess on HHGs seat after the Sony conference and said:
"Well BAM! There it is!"

Sarcasm3879d ago

Actually, Jack Tretton said R* had a PS3 exclusive since E3 2007. Why does HHG get credit for making a guess that everybody already knows?

Godmars2903878d ago

Got an email and everything.

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Abash3879d ago

That Dead Island was to appear at E3 and "show off the power of the 360"? I wonder what happened to that....

Troll-Killer3879d ago they just showed Alan Wake, which more than sufficed. ;)

Godmars2903878d ago

MS had to show Alan Wake. Its been a no-show for too long.

Though when it did, it had none of the massive physics effects that its suppose to have.

xino3878d ago

yea you're right!
where da hell was it!?

Infact what da fark happened to RaGe!?

This E3's a piece of sh*t!

Everyone let's wait for Tokyo Game Show and GDC!

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