Ace Combat 6: Week of War (Day 4)

It's almost been two weeks since games radar broke the news that longtime Sony-exclusive Ace Combat had bailed and taken refuge on Xbox 360. Games radar also promised you a ton of new coverage, and said coverage begins now. Games Radar has a weeklong look at Fires of Liberation, the eleventh overall game in the series, which lands exclusively on 360 this fall.

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gta_cb4304d ago

just wanted to check, this was suppose to be an exclusive for PS3... so is it going to be available on both systems or is it now an exclusive on XBox 360?

ASSASSYN 36o4304d ago

Xbox 360 Exclusive 16-player xbox live, Co-op support, and dynamic battlefields.

ThaGeNeCySt4304d ago

wow i didn't know there was co op support... this is DEFINATELY gonna be on my games to get list.. i need a replacement for Over G Fighters