Honest Gamers: Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier Review

Honest Gamers writes: "Endless Frontier is not by any means a bad game, but it's not a particularly deep or groundbreaking one. This is a game that's content to be a pleasant diversion, something you play in fits and spurts as you go about your day's business. You'll probably be through with it in about a week, two if you're slow, and then you may find yourself listening to the soundtrack CD it ships with and smiling fondly as you remember the fun you had or a particularly good wisecrack from main character Haken Browning. There's a place in the industry for unambitious but quite competent games like this, particularly on a portable system like Nintendo DS. Sometimes you don't want a 60-hour masterpiece so much as something to get you through a plane flight or kill time while you're waiting for your boss to get back to you on AIM. Endless Frontier is very good at being that sort of game and recommended for fans of anime, niche import games, and dopey fanservice. Serious-minded gamers won't find themselves welcome here, though, and should seek their fun elsewhere".

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