RPGamer: Demon's Souls Impressions

The sample hero had both melee and ranged weapons, and used them both proficiently, taking down enemies with only a few blows; presumably, the game gets harder as the player progresses. It has an online-esque portion where players can see ghosts of others in the world when they are battling at the same locations. In addition, there's an elaborate "notes" system for players to leave each other game hints and tips.

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pippoppow3883d ago

Took me 50hrs to beat the game. Such a good game, especially when you team up or go against online players. Tense when the message that a black phantom (another player online) has broken into your game. Seems like most are high level, so rrruuuuun. Hope they make a sequel but with more outdoor environments like a haunted forest or snowy monster filled mounted passes. Next up is Infamous.

debuchan3883d ago

almost new game+++ and still no platinum. This game is hard