Cellius' first project now available on Japanese Playstation Store

Examiner: "Cellius' Katsuragi Misato News Project can now be downloaded from the Japanese Playstation Store."

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WildArmed3516d ago

umm some1 care to enlighten me to what this is?

pwnsause3516d ago

its a news program for the PS3. it uses Evangelion character Misato to talk about real news. waste of funds if you ask me.

Jager3516d ago

a waste on us Americans or Euro's... but those Japanese are going to be on this like white on rice...

WildArmed3516d ago

ahh thanks for the explanation.
I was wondering if it was news or anime :/
apparently its a mix.


SpaceSquirrel3516d ago

It is also a screensaver where you could dress up the female character.

WildArmed3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

No wonder it sells in japan ;)

rockleex3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

You do know that there's purple rice too, don't you? ^_-

Btw, I had hoped Cellius would make a full Evangelion game! That would have been an amazing thing to behold... and would sell like crazy too!

Oh well, I hope this is just a small project to get fans ready for the REAL game. >:D

Baka-akaB3515d ago

I'm glad it's that kind of project actually , i hope that when they show a real game , it will be for more than a license .

Godmars2903515d ago

Mind you, you'd have to have more characters. But imagine if Sony used something like that on Pulse or Core?

Dir_en_grey3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

It's $8 a month to have her read real news to you, but in a very slow and robotic voice... doesn't sound like the anime voices cuz it lacks personality.

Pretty much like Hatusne Miku, but probably just voicing out text instead of changing tone of actual voice samples.

Trust me, people outside of Japan are not missing out much if they can't get this.

Waste of Cellius' talent imo...

Godmars2903515d ago

Not like news casters put any emotion in their news reading. Much like Cellius has shown any talent.

Dir_en_grey3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

By having personality I mean NOT talking slowly, un-smoothly, and sounding like a robot.
You don't have to trust me when I say she sounds terrible; use google translate or something and read what people from Japan are saying on the comment section of the youtube vid I linked.

The whole thing might have worked if they used Ayanami Rei as their character instead of Misato cuz Rei talks like a robot anyway.

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SpaceSquirrel3516d ago

The application is actually free to download but you need to pay a monthly fee for news.

deshon093516d ago

i hope this not what thing to come from Cellius but i'm sure the playstaion father has more up his sleeve for his favorite child

MajesticBeast3515d ago

its the beginning i think.

Sangria3515d ago

I'm curious, is there any video of that thing?
If it's a simple image with a bubble for text, it would be lame, but if it's a cel-shaded character that tells news by official seiyu's voice, that must be pretty awesome.

zoneofenders3515d ago

it's a cel-shaded character that tells news by official seiyu's voice
well of course the voice is generated. but the quaility is pretty good.

Godmars2903515d ago

And if you're not a man please forgive me - I have a cold.

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