N-Sider Preview: E3 Impressions: Muramasa

At first glance it's easy to dismiss Muramasa: The Demon Blade (known as Hazy Muramasa in Japan) as "that game that looks like Odin Sphere," even though it was known as Princess Crown 3 during development, but even a cursory examination reveals that such dismissals are errant. The most immediate reasoning for this is the combat: while Odin Sphere's fight options were mainly limited to hockey-like poke-checks and some more limited aerial options, the focus was definitely on your item growth and your ingredients. Muramasa is the Ninja Gaiden of this equation, cleverly offering you with only a couple of buttons and the Nunchuk the abilities to uppercut slash, charge slash, aerial combo, downward thrust, and chain attacks into strings this author saw approach and surpass the 50-hit mark (reports are that the Classic Controller will also be compatible).

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