RPGFan: White Knight Chronicles Impressions

Sam Hansen: "Playing through White Knight Chronicles was sheer torture. Not because the game was bad (and trust me, it wasn't), but because I still don't have a Playstation 3 of my own! This game just served as a reminder of how much I want one. Claiming to be the first "true" RPG for the PS3, Level-5's latest epic is hoping to make its way to Sony's next-gen console during the first bit of 2010 with a large, exuberant bang. This was a title that I had to return to multiple times throughout my time on the floor, because I was never able to get a good idea of what exactly I was playing, but a final test run with fellow staff member Michael Salbato revealed a whole new side of the experience."

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raztad3421d ago

Good, very good read.

I'm glad this is coming this year. A high quality RPG from LEVEL-5. Day one purchase and 100 hours down the toilet :D

elorm93421d ago

You should also check out Demon's Souls which is coming this fall.

FamilyGuy3421d ago

Beginning of next year actually. The devs wanted to put more in the game and iron out some bugs before releasing the game outside of japan. And when i say put more in the game i mean that they apparently want to add like hours more to it that will be a free download for those with the japanese version.

I'm looking forward to it.

raztad3421d ago

Yeah, DS is a must have too. I just want Atlus tone down the difficulty level :D. Time is a precious commodity.


Kind of bad news. Well, more playtime for R&C (looks awesome, just watched gamespot interview), Sigma2, DS and UC2. Oh my God, almost forgot the load of PSP games, Persona, Dissidia:FF, and several others. LOL. Guess I can wait :D

CaptainKratos3421d ago

this might be the RPG i've been waiting for since my chrono cross days, and Demon souls is going to be another badass game!!! WOOO!!!

Wizeguy213421d ago

argggg.. it pains me that i have to wait so long.. I know its time they are making the game better.. But.. F it.. im being childish!!!!

I WANT IT!!! waaaaa!!!!

Baka-akaB3421d ago

I hope precisely that Atlus while adding new stuff , doesnt tone down the difficulty .. or at least offers a choice .

KillaManiac3421d ago

Very good article...I appreciate a true RPG player who doesn't need graphics to play.

I can't wait for NA to get WKC in Q1 2010. It will definitely be a first day purchase for me, but until then I got plenty of other PS3/PSP/360 games coming out to keep my busy.

Such a good time to be a gamer!

Level 5 ftw!

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hatchimatchi3421d ago

i really want this game, level-5 are extremely talented developers, so im expecting great things. There's videos on youtube of a kid playing the majority of the game, he skips all cutscenes though so theres no spoilers. The game looks like alot of fun. I can't wait to play online with people.

Dick03421d ago

exclusive for the playstation 3

OGharryjoysticks3421d ago

Would they still be getting beat in America?


some of my most wanted games get delayed untill 2010...well at least there are a couple of amazing ones at the end of this year. Specially Uncharted 2!!!!


Danja3421d ago

any PS3 game that gets released next year never had a 2009 release this including WKC....

Veneno3421d ago

I 'm actually worried about ps3's fall line-up. first WKC gets delayed, and now maybe Heavy Rain? that just leaves Uncharted 2, MAG, and Rachet, unless u were a Rachet fan before there's not much reason to play it. MAG is a new IP, but it's an FPS which limits appeal and it's up against MW2!!! Uncharted 2 is the only game I see that stands out from the pack. Just keeping it real folks! I know for a fact that 360's line-up will be a bore.

Baka-akaB3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

Just ? While i'm never happy with delays , i was worried i woudlnt be able to buy everything this year .
They had for too many big title at the same time , so i call it a blessing in disguise .

I think everyone got at least 1-3 must buy multiplatform games at this fall , between tekken , cod MW2 , Fifa/pes or anything else PLUS exclusives like Uncharted 2 , or mag and ratchet for those interested .

This is precisely the same kind of reason , besides the genre of the game , why Valkyria chronicle didnt sell well , at first , in the west .

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