Warhawk will be on disc AND online

As more and more favorable impressions are lumped on Warhawk, many have accepted the game's multiplayer focus and becoming more interested in when and how they can get their hands on the update to the PS One classic. Rumors had indicated Warhawk would become a PlayStation Network-only download, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

1UP recently contacted Sony Computer Entertainment America for clarification, who said Warhawk will be available on Blu-ray and through the PlayStation Network. Whether there will be differences in price or content (i.e. the downloadable version being more stripped down, with more option to purchase new content) between the two has not been announced.

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schnodder4275d ago

i'm ready for this triple A title. give me a demo - now.

fenderputty4275d ago

It's doubtable that it's a AAA title. It's only got an online multiplayer version. That's really going to limit it's reviews.

JIN KAZAMA4275d ago

get me fired. I am going to be the WarHawk MASTER. Look for me
KAL-EL1217 on PSN.

socomnick4275d ago

This game looks like crap. It looks horrible and game play looks horrible what ps3 needs is a battlefield game .

techie4275d ago

Everyone at 1up who has played this will disagree with you about the gameplay...they said it was better than battlefield :)

Ps30074275d ago

Its got that BF feel with next gen visuals and 3rd person camera angle. Should be a blast.

Tons of stats and maps from what i here.

Everything i have seen has looks great.. Would like a single player but picking it up regardless, who doesnt play online now a days anyhow?

Oncnawan4275d ago (Edited 4275d ago )

Nintendo fans?

lilwingman4274d ago

I also don't play online :). This game looks like a lot of fun though, so if my buddy comes over and we go online split-screen I'm sure it'll be enjoyable.

DJ4275d ago

Appeases those who just want to download, and those who want to save HDD space.

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The story is too old to be commented.