MMORPG: Final Fantasy XIV Online Q&A's Carolyn Koh interviews Hiromichi Tanaka and Nobuaki Komoto, producer and director of Final Fantasy XIV Online.

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CaptainKratos3877d ago

FREE?was XI free?never played it. if so who wants to play with me?:)

rbluetank3877d ago

my friend was hooked on ffx1. he has never played any ffv games but this one had him hooked... i bought the game for my ps2 to get the hard drive... when you bought the game it came with a 20gig hard drive... during that time i / people were burning games onto our ps2 hard drive... i still have 5 games on the hard drive. lol i never had a better friend then blockbuster in those days. lmao. a company in canada use to and probably still sale this device to burn games on your ps2. you needed the original ps2 to attach the hard drive and use the device...(i had a hd loader device= you did not need to open up your ps2 to use this device) this was one of many reason why sony slimed down the ps2... i have never taken the ffx1 game out of the package. i wonder how much i could get for it now... lol