Exophase - Left 4 Dead 2 Impressions: Feels Like A Sequel

Hands-on impressions of Valve's zombie-laden sequel Left 4 Dead 2 at E3.

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JokesOnYou3888d ago

"In short, L4D 2 is shaping up to be a surefire hit to one of last year’s must-play titles. It takes everything the original did right, dips it in a fresh coat of polish, and introduces all-new content on top of it all. Judging from my time with the game and considering there is still more yet to be unveiled; calling it a mere expansion is unfair at this point. We certainly look forward to hearing more on this one within the coming months."


KionicWarlord2223888d ago

Left 4 Dead (the first one ) was very successful. It was made in a short time as well . I cant see this one flopping and not being enjoyed by its fans .

r4nger3887d ago

L4D was orginally announced in 2005. 4 years a short development cycle, doesn't make...


JsonHenry3887d ago

I love how everyone knows they get quality titles from Valve, but for some reason have a problem with a sequel that comes "too soon" and whine like a bunch of school girls with sand in their vag.

Valve has never let me down yet. If they say that it has enough content to be labeled a full sequel - then due to Valve's track record I have no reason to doubt them.

DavidMacDougall3887d ago

Its the princable. They promised all this content they never delivered and now they think they can just move on?

N2NOther3887d ago

What's a "princable"?

Oh, I think you meant "principle".

NegativeCreepWA3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

Screw all the haters, this is a day one purchase me. L4D is as fun as it gets for FPSs.

TheRealSpy023886d ago

nobody is doubting valve's quality.

what we are saying is that when valve was getting ready to release the first one they promised us a lot more than they provided. i have purchased every valve game since half life and have always been a HUGE supporter of them. just bothers me that after all this time, all we got out of valve was 2 "new" mulitplayer maps that were actually just slightly adjusted co-op maps.

i was expecting at least 2 new full campaigns. and that's not so much to ask when you consider that valve didn't have to put any emphasis on story, and had to do very little voice acting or motion cap. it's a full priced game but all it really is is a CS mod. we paid 50-60 dollars for it because we were expecting some post launch support. but instead of giving us those maps, they are just packaging them in a "new game" which is really just a mod of a mod.

yeah, it's improved. but that doesn't make it justifiable. if you look at how they handle TF2 vs how they handle L4D, you'll understand why we feel this way.

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felidae3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

i think the 1st one got boring after 10 minutes. i really don't get why so many people enjoy it!

MGOelite3887d ago

did you have the 360 version? if so i dont blame you but the pc version rules

Snatcher3887d ago

Left4Dead is one of the most fun games I have played. This is truly one of the best co-op games I have played. I'm so addicted to it.

L4D may not have the best graphics, but it's fun, and that is why I play games, TO HAVE FUN.

mastiffchild3887d ago

Dude it's his opinion so why would he be lying? I love L4D myself but only in short bursts as it's pretty limited and this, to me, doesn't look like enough to warrant another full price retail release.

A few new maps and skins could have been added as payable DLC when they haven't even given us what was promised for the first game. Yes, it'll get bought but it doesn't make it the right thing to do-not, esp, from a dev like Valve who usually look after their gamers so well. I think that's why there's so much bad feeling-cos people felt they could truct Valve more than the average developer.

If they were adding a proper SP campaign complete with a story that you could also co-op through it could be a more reasonable sequel adressing the shortcoming of the first short package. U just hope they add some more content and don't let people on either platform down this time or it will feel like a rip off. New skins and maps are not difficult or dear for them to make, y'know.

Snatcher3887d ago

''1st one got boring after 10 minutes''

After 10 minutes, mhm, yeah right. Sony fanboy strikes again. How can you get tired of a game after 10 minutes? Espacially a game so fun as Left4Dead?

And I wont bother arguing with you. You absolutely do not achieve anything on arguing this site. Bunch of fanboys, that can suck my di*k. They always feel the need to bash/trashtalk the game, and ruin for everyone others that like it.

Even when you have a point, they still disagree and trashtalk you, because they are fanboys.

pumpkinpunker3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

I have both versions (bought the PC version really cheap on Steam) and I like the 360 version better because almost everyone is on their microphones and they communicate. Plus, this is a great game to play split-screen with your buddies. Can't do that on the PC. Oh wait, PC elitists, did I just mention a couple things not in your version of the game. Sorry.

Anyway, this game is awesome. L4D2 is easily my favorite announcement of E3.

Baka-akaB3887d ago

What a tool , of course it get's boring for some people , just like CS was to some . Why even mention Sony in the thread ?

The thing is he should have known better before even getting the game . If you can't enjoy a repetitive multiplayer experience a la cs for what it is , L4D might not be for you , that's all .

Personally i love it and will get the second the very day it releases .

N2NOther3887d ago

Yes, new maps and new skins could have been DLC, but a new AI director with changing environments, new infected, new ammo, and new melee weapons all add up to more than enough for a sequel.

Like someone said, Valve has done so much good I don't see why they can't be given the benefit of some doubt.

Now you have someone who's posting his impressions on the game. Which he stated he wanted to see if it was enough to actually earn the "sequel", which means that HE was suspicious and ready to cry "foul", but instead came out saying it very much felt like a sequel.

Seriously, people are jumping the gun a bit. They saw a trailer and a name and already they want to have Valve's collective head.

NegativeCreepWA3887d ago

My guess would be that your simple minded and uncreative and you need developers to tell you what to in a game.

akaFullMetal3886d ago

yea i tried it but got bored with it fast

TheRealSpy023886d ago

when you get 4 ppl together that know how to play and how to watch each other's backs. you can play this game on advanced or expert and it's pure orgasm. i'm not happy about the announcement of a sequel without any first game additions, but lets not take away from this game what it deserves. this is possible the most fun co-op experience ever. not just this generation....ever. after bubble bobble, of course.

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MGOelite3887d ago

it looks like a very talented mod if u ask me, ill still pick it up though, i loved the first

Hiruma Youchi3887d ago

Hope the game is Longer than the 1st one to.

Only PS3N4GFAMGURLS thought this was shaping up to be crap.

Usual N4G hate.

Alan Wake
Mass Effect 2
Splinter Cell conviction
Left 4 Dead 2

Those Will Be selling Millions in Short Weeks .

San Frandisco3887d ago

yeah i downloaded the PC version of L4D and it got really boring after about an hour or so..
its like the dynasty warriors of FPS games.

FragMnTagM3887d ago

The PC version, is the boring version. I too played the PC version, and it was boring as hell because it is like playing a Sony multiplayer game. NO ONE SPEAKS. It is like a ghost town. The only saving grace of the PC version is MODS. Other than the that, the XBOX Live version rules. When a smoker grabs you, or a hunter pounces on you, you can yell at your teammates to save you. Not so in the PC version because no one talks.

i3eyond the Circle3887d ago

Most people are on Ventrilo or TS

Xbox Live is the place to go for pick up games to meet people that talk in L4D I know what you mean.

Gun_Senshi3887d ago

ol l4d on x360 looks and plays horrible and less enemies too

Baka-akaB3887d ago

hum everyone actually talks . What 360 players have enjoyed has been stapple of pc gaming for years in every mmo and fps . You just need TS , ventrilo or any prog of that kind on your own , since pc are obviously not as user friendly .

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