Why E3 fans the fanboy flames

The days of E3 being a Mecca for gamers are behind us (as the show became a press-only affair a couple of years ago), but fortunately since then it's regained some of its splendour and it's still a very significant event in the gaming calendar. After 2008's somewhat lacklustre offering, it's a relief to see companies showing some really impressive stuff, albeit to a much smaller audience than in previous years.

But it's a show of a different kind as well – a show of force, a call to arms to the legions of loyal fans, a rallying cry and a re-arming of the troops in the console war. Bombastic rhetoric aside, consoles have always inspired an amazing amount of loyalty in the gaming world, and the near ubiquity of the internet has escalated the conflict from simple schoolyard bickering to raging flame wars that encircle the world.

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qface643423d ago

tell us something we don't know xD

GWAVE3423d ago

#1 reason why E3 "fans the fanboy flames"

Because every news site, tech site, and blog site feels obligated to declare "______ stole the show at E3!" and "______ is the winner of E3!"

#2 reason:

Because fanboys get jealous when deep in their hearts, they know that the "other" console showed off better stuff.

KionicWarlord2223423d ago

Your statement turn into a opinion on your second reason.

Why dis3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

I agree with you for once all you have to do is go into PS3 E3 articles and 360 E3 articles to see what you said. No 360 fans in PS3 E3 articles.

Information Minister3422d ago

You know what's hilarious? Your post history directly contradicts your comment.

Shepherd 2143422d ago

you seem to have some deep fear in your heart judging by how much you post anti-MS garbage and by how quick you are to post in every MS article

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Nelson M3423d ago

Not Only do you get to be Amazed at what Sony Shows us in terms of Fantastic Exclusive's and a Look into the Gaming Future !!

You also get to Laugh your Ass off at The Crap that the BoTs are Gettin and you get to Laugh your Ass off even more at the Bleak Future of the Xbox

table3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

The article unfortunately mixes up gamers and fanboys. We must remember that most of the people out there are gamers, fanboys just hang around sites like these for attention and make their numbers look greater than reality. I'm getting kind of tired of the repetitive retarded comments we see on this site from them.

360DownINflames3422d ago

Now a days though its just hard to care. The consoles are here and have been not much to argue over.

So much other stuff going on in the world. Video Games are the least of peoples problems.

Im ready for next gen already or just different types of games. Developers have gotten so close minded its amazing that the industry is still here.

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