Best Buy memo explains that Vista doesn't work, details Windows 7 upgrade plans

Earlier this week Microsoft officially announced that October 22 is the target date for the release of Windows 7, the next version of their PC operating system that is pretty much required to run nearly every PC game. Now Engadget has posted up the contents of a leaked memo from Best Buy with some pre-release details on Windows 7.

After pretty much slamming the previous OS, Windows Vista, in their opening paragraph, the Best Buy memo states that on June 26 nearly every PCs sold at the retailer that has Windows Vista installed will get a guaranteed free upgrade to Windows 7 when it is released. This also applies to any sales of Windows Vista software. Also on June 26, Best Buy (and it admits other retailers) will have a special pre-order price of $49.99 for a Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade and a $99.99 pre-order price for a Windows 7 Professional Premium Upgrade. This deal will only be offered until July 11.

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