PSP Go!: ThEvolution's Hands On Gameplay Video HD

ThEvolution Network gets a hands on playthrough of Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny on Sony's new PSP Go! From our experience with this new handheld, PSP Go! enthusiast have alot to be excited about.

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bunfighterii3420d ago

that looks slick.

i want one.

thereapersson3420d ago

THAT is how handheld gaming should look. I really want one of these PSP Go's now.

Christopher3420d ago

But I'll try it before I buy.

Also notice how hard it's going to be to keep that screen clear. Picks up finger prints real easy. Will be hard to find a protective screen for it that won't get easily destroyed over time because there's no way to get a nice cover shell on it to protect the edges like most phones have.

San Frandisco3420d ago

im Down with the Slickness lol.

mattgdumb3420d ago

another remake? for f*cks sake, dumbasses!

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