E309: So, who won E3?

THEBBPS: We weigh in on the Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo pressers, and name an overall winner, after the jump.

Jim Squires: Sony
Marc DeAngelis: Microsoft
Marissa Meli: Microsoft
Daniel Lloyd: Microsoft
Mark Peachey: Microsoft

Your big winner: MICROSOFT (sorry, Jim!)

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DaPS3Duke3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

Thats debatable. I think it was Sony, just because the new Ips got me excited. If you think MS won, then good for you, I can understand that seeing as they had some pretty impressive stuff too.

nothere4133518d ago

Yeah, it basically comes down to whatever console you have.

Or even which console has the best looking games.

FamilyGuy3518d ago

If you now want a console that you did not have/want or had little interest in before E3 than that's the conference that won.
Of course sony fans are pleased, MS fans are pleased and even Ninty fans are pleased. All conferences had SOME god aspects if not ALL *cough* sony *cough* :)

iamtehpwn3518d ago

And Jeffery Star isn't a homosexual.

---Oh wait

SaberEdge3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

It's clear now that the majority of gamers and gaming journalists thought Microsoft had the best showing. Several large polls have been done showing a majority thought Microsoft had the best announcements and most of the gaming press has expressed the same thing.

Microsoft had the better lineup of games that we will be getting to play this year and they spent more time demoing their games than talking about them.

Several surprising big announcements were also made, including Metal Gear Solid Rising and Halo Reach.

They also had better announcements as far as improvements or added features to the console itself. Streaming 1080p on demand, Facebook, twitter, Last.FM, full game downloads, and better Netflix integration were some of the things that really impressed me from Microsoft's conference. I really expected Sony to announce a major firmware upgrade to help PSN catch up to some of the features of LIVE, but...nothing.

Microsoft also presented their conference better, giving it more entertainment value.

And of course Milo and the whole Natal technology really created the biggest buzz at E3.

Sony also had a good show and to be honest Uncharted 2 is so awesome that it really boosted their whole presentation up in my eyes. GOW3 and The Last Guardian were also really nice. Overall though, I just think Microsoft had a little bit better lineup of games and new features and presented them in the most entertaining way.

user39158003518d ago

I hate E3 in General because its not special at all and it is a waste of money. I cant stand MS conference and I meant all of them, except for the side show with MTV. Lets be honest it has nothing to do with a great show at all, sony titles are coming out in 2010 and thats almost all aaa titles making it a waste of time for all. Nintendo you can forget about, because all they have are worthless gimmicks. Ms they are not that great either, but at least almost all the AAA titles are coming out this year which is what most players was looking for. Therefore, Wii failed, sony dont know what they got (like always) tells you this is what I got in store for you and it will come out tomorrow, the only problem its that the games will not come out until 3-4 years later. They all failed to impress me, but MS satisfied me the most, because I can play their main titles this year. The rest I dont care about and I wait to buy a PS3 in another 3-4 years when their games comes out.

StanLee3518d ago

While it's debateable who had the better E3, and whose was enjoyed the most is total subjective, the consensus among the gaming press is that Microsoft had the better showing.

Aquanox3518d ago

The slowdown in sonyboys participating in these "Who won E3?" articles shows that they're finally getting over the fact that MS won this E3. Or at least that's what I like to think.

Once again, excelent performance MS, you came out of nowhere to stole the show. As Bill Gates said, it's good to be the underdog.

ultimolu3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

Because Sony "fanboys" are too busy playing games or are playing the Uncharted 2 beta to be concerned with this crap.

Microsoft won.

Fine, it's over.

They won.

It's a pity people are ignoring the fact that ultimately gamers won.

Disagree fanboys...go right ahead. Really getting sick of this crap. 360 fanboys used to bash the Wii and the way it functions. Now they're praising a project that has YET to be proven.

Darkeyes3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

I feel from the hardware front M$ won, but from the Software front Sony kicked more ass. Yes MGS:Rising was a good one for M$, but UC2, MAG, GOW3, Agent, FF14, GT5, TLG.... Sony did indeed take the software war.
Sony didn't even have time to show games like FF vs 13, Quantum, Heavy Rain, WKC... just shows that there is a lot in the pipe line more than M$...

Yes Splinter Cell looked awesome and I was impressed with Alan Wake, but compared to Uncharted 2 and GOW3... They fall short of that OMG factor. And thats just 3 exclusives (Forza added) against so many (Please don't bring in ODST.. It's an expansion)... So yes, for me E3 is all about Software and that is why IMO (MY not EVERYONES), Sony won E3.
For a casual person, M$ won E3 due to Natal....

I actually expected this... Sony just didn't have too many secrets in the box.... They let too much out before E3... Like PSP GO, TLG, the Wii like motion controller in development... Where as M$ although having less software, had the surprise factor with Natal and MGS:R.... Just imagine what E3 would be, if we didn't know PSPGO and that massive PSP line up is coming before hand or if we didn't know TLG was being showed..... It's just the way it's marketed and M$ marketed it well... I mean, Natal is just like PSEye with improvements, but none of the worlds journalists realize that and go on how it's going to revolutionized gaming.... My foot it's gonna revolutionized..... Show me a FPS being played on it without a controller and I am sold.... Or else just admit it's for fukin hogging money off casual gamers.

M$ won due to marketing. For me E3 is about software and Sony won big time on that front. I don't give a sh*t about casual motion sensors from both. If it caters hardcore games, then I am sold or else I'll pass.

Maddens Raiders3518d ago looking games you say?

if that's the case then Sony wins pulling away, & gaining speed.

SprSynJn3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

I had you blocked for the longest time mainly because your statements were often pseudo intelligent comments mixed in with immaturity. Lately I made the imprudent decision to give you a chance and actually listen to what you have to say, and that is the result. My misake.

thewhoopimen3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

I'd like to see other publications outside of the "US" weigh in on this E3, b4 assuming M$ won E3 based off of a couple articles. To me, US publications are only naturally going to be pro "US". Sorry, but looking beyond the smoke and mirrors, M$ line up was adequate at best. Its too bad with Natal, Beatles, Spielberg and lots of dollars, all of a sudden M$ has the best products since "sliced" bread. Everyone knows in Marketing that American consumers are some of the biggest suckers when it comes to hype and "feel good" excitement*. I wouldn't doubt the same happens to these "professional" game journalists who buy into the same crap. Honestly, what number of real "exclusives" are there on the 360 line that isn't available to ps3 or PC?

*[look at how great those "fantastic" 1% Loans (neg-am) loans did to our mortgage and financial markets]

50CALheadshot3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

thanx for the laughs.

SaberEdge3518d ago

Sony had a great show and no one is denying that. The fact remains though, that most people, gamers and journalists alike, thought Microsoft had the better showing. That includes people and gaming sites from all over the world.

Just based on the games alone I think Microsoft did a little better than Sony. The problem with Sony is they always show their games way in advance and so we see some of the same games at multiple E3s. This gives the impression that Sony has a much larger lineup than it does.

However, if you just go off the games that are confirmed to be coming out this year I think Microsoft has a stronger lineup. I love Uncharted (god do I love Uncharted) and Ratchet & Clank and possibly MAG are also going to be good games, but the 360 has at least 4 big games coming out this holiday--Splinter Cell Conviction, Forza 3, Left 4 Dead 2 and Halo ODST--that together are not likely to be matched by the PS3's lineup.

If you extend it out to the first half of 2010 I think the 360 still has more than enough to go head to head with the PS3. Games like God of War 3 and Heavy Rain will be competing against games like Alan Wake and Mass Effect 2. But we'll see when we get there, as I am sure there are other games that will be releasing at that time that we don't know about yet.

In the games department it was somewhat close, but in virtually every other area I think Microsoft took it hands down.

Jaces3518d ago

Do they get like a trophy or something...?

I see no point in who wins or loses. The only people I see comparing are fanboys and...well, fanboys.

I liked what was coming to both and one showing has made me decide to get a 360 sooner than later, probably Christmas, which is excellent.

Get over yourselves.

Darkeyes3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

@SaberEdge... You can say all you want to console yourself, but the fact remains that Sony did have more games showed up.... L4D2... seriously... Yesterday I just heard 10000 people cursing Valve.. Having played L4D1, I must say it's noting mind blowing. The graphics are hardly next gen and the game sucks if you don't have a friend... Ya, you may like to buy a game after a year or so, but not me.. that too with same engine a small campaign....Games like COD's are alright as they get supported with contents, but the hollow claims made by Valve have pissed me off. What if L4D3 come out next year... L4D2 will not be supported. For me L4D2 should be a DLC. And YES Halo is an EXPANSION PACK. Yes it will sell millions, but it is an EXPANSION in the end. Oh YA and MassEffect can still go multi-plat since EA is publishing... that is why it's not taken into consideration.

At least PS3 has full fledged games like MAG, GT5, Uncharted 2, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 (with better graphics, more contents and bosses) coming out this year... Followed by GOW3 (ya it's bigger than anything), Heavy Rain, Quantum, WKC, FF14... Agent will go against Halo 4 later 2010 (I know it's a new IP, but you gotta admit GTA devs on PS3=something big) And then there is TLG which is huge having played Shadow of Colossus by ICO. Yes both will have more games announced at next E3, but in all it was job well done for Sony in the gaming department. Ya Alan Wake and Splinter Cell were impressive, but got out numbered by GOW3 (bloody brutal), Uncharted 2(best looking game till date), MAG (256 worked), Heavy Rain... In the end, it's personal preference... I just felt like Alan Wake looked like Alone in the Dark with better graphics.... I respect it, but against GOW3.... um not so much.
Splinter on other end is as respected as Uncharted 2... both will rock.

It's simple... M$ gamers think 360 won and Sony gamers think PS3 won. I having both think I won in the end. But I just felt that M$ had some big games installed for them apart from Alan Wake and Splinter Cell which were predicted before... But nothing came apart from MGS:Rising. PS3 first party support just keeps on getting bigger every year. ME2 might go multi-plat since it didn't show up at E3 this time... M$ bragged about all exclusive games and knowing M$, they would have hyped the crap out of ME2 if it was an exclusive in their ONLY EXCLUSIVE PART on E3... Something is fishy isn't it.

Those LIVE features were good, but only one I am interested in is 1080P streaming. If it's not instant, then PS3 also has High Def movies for download... Facebook and Twitter.. Well PS3 has a Web Browser you know.

Finally Natal was impressive. Show me a FPS being played and I am sold. It's really hard or impossible to do that without controllers. Yes the motion sensors sounded great, but it has no application in the 360's BIGGEST MARKET AND THAT IS SHOOTERS. You don't expect me to shout RELOAD,MOVE,LEFT,RIGHT,SHOOT.. .. It's impractical and has CASUAL written over it.

M$ had a more flashy showing at E3... E3 has always been about GAMES and PS3 delivered. Feel free to disagree, but most Journalists gave M$ the WIN MAINLY CAUSE OF NATAL AND NOT GAMES. I am seriously skeptical about NATAL and HARDCORE gaming.

FamilyGuy3518d ago

I really don't like how so many are falling for this hype and it makes me wonder just how gullible people are.
This conference is the same reason the 360 is doing better in sales than the PS3, not the head start and not the cost.
M$ marketing is ridiculous and it's the biggest smoke-and-mirrors act since Houdini. They literally trick people into buying AND buying into there products. Case:

They started their conference with a 15 min concert for Rock Band:Beatles edition. WTF is that? Not only are they simply eating time that could be used to show games they're boasting a multi-platform game as though it was their own.

They bring out Steven Spielberg as if he has anything to do with good video games and who was that chick showing off Twitter?

Natal will become what it will become but they showed it in it's alpha stage just to create buzz that it doesn't deserve, yet.

Kudo... I don't even need to bring him up. BAM!

That, was it shadow complex? Had a major glitch on the show floor and it's releasing how soon?

Their PR guy had to start the round of applause by clapping himself MORE THAN ONCE and hardly any joined in when he did.
They were FULL of faults

Rising is a multiplat, spit on, spin-off. (not that it can't be good but it's in no way a "stolen sony exclusive". As it was created with the thought of the 360 fanbase in mind.

FF13 showed a "summon for the first time" but in the PSN video we got to see two.

One thing they should have announced but didnt make time for was their full XBOX 1 game downloads.

1080p instant streaming is a BIG promise and many are skeptical, they showed nothing as to how they'd be doing this and just expect us to take their word on it. It's not unbelievable but connection speeds should have been mentioned.

Twitter facebook. 1.Casual 2.Sony web browser: That's twitter face book, you tube, myspace and any other site that doesnt purposely make their site ps3 unfriendly.

Left for Dead 2 is welcomed in one way but the fans expecting an expansion are unpleased.

The smoke-and-mirrors leave you in awe when you first see it but at some point you're going to look back at what just happened and realize you've been fooled.

The exclusive: Splinter Cell Conviction is their ONLY crowning achievement. And with it's shot setup it looks a little too easy. I love the Heroes story title-esq objectives. The game seems to be the game version of the movie "Taken" and that's not a bad thing.

"they had a great conference"
No, they just tricked a lot of people into believing they did.

Now that i see how long this is I'll let it be a blog post.

talltony3517d ago

by natal, then microsoft won. They did not win because of anything else. Natal is what won it for microsoft. As far as actual games sony easily won.

DaTruth3517d ago

So, nobody considers the possibility that Alan Wake was PC footage? I mean, when a PC/360 game shows off good graphics, you have to wonder! Did they show us the PC version?

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MGOelite3518d ago

all these people have been convinced of the lie which is milo

Gamer60563518d ago

I think the leaks ruined Sony so people were not surprised as much but still a Good show. Imagine if the leaks never came to be Sony would have more likely won E3. BTW does anyone know whenn Splinter cell conviction release date is?

evrfighter3518d ago

are we gonna get lolKillzowned again or what?

feb 27th was sposed to be the coming of christ remember?

-MD-3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

Microsofts entertained the most

Sony's was pretty boring mostly because I have little interest in handhelds, ps2, and sales charts.

Nintendo was pretty "meh" nothing made me want to buy a Wii. The announcement of Mario Galaxy 2 was lame I want a new Mario in a new setting not the same one.

Overall it wasn't as good as I thought it would be.