Why Natal Might Fail Like the Vision Cam

Koku Gamer writes: "We have seen many gaming technologies come and go. They sound promising when first shown, but either never came through or just had no support. Will Natal just go through the same process? Or will Microsoft fight to keep it alive? I think it's all up to Microsoft and you, the gamer. Microsoft has put a lot of money into making this technology work. Sure we saw it in action at E3, but will it work as flawless when it's released along with other games like it did at E3? We don't know for sure, but if Microsoft can somehow make it work and Rare and Lionhead make something special using Project Natal then it might succeed."

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Cinotix3420d ago

I think it may have better chances than the Vision Camera did, the vision cam as the article mentions failed at marketing. MS never followed through with it, I think they put in way to much money to throw this away.

solideagle13420d ago

this is too much.....


chaosatom3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

this is just the beginning. A lot more people are going to write about it to get hits.

The Newt3420d ago

Awesome article though It may fail

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WengYong3420d ago

It has the potential to be something great. However with something as skeptical as this we must wait and see.

A lot of people are calling bull, but lets all go back to when Killzone 2 was first shown and it was called out as cg. Did it live up to the hype ? Yes it did. Dont write it off yet. Its still early to call winner or loser on this one

Ziriux3420d ago

Yea, I'd like to think that Kill zone 2 lived up to it's hype, some things to live up to their hype, only if the developer works hard and pushes to get there. You can't just give up on something after talking and praising it so much.


or if you want to look at something closer to home....

how about the Wii mote. How many of us laugh at it when we first saw it, i know i did... and when they named it the wii i was like who in their right mind would buy this, well the millions of casual gamers went for it.

i have my doubts about it because of what they did with the vision cam.

i said it in another post. the vision cam had motion sensing ability and one game that made use of it. it could be they didn't do much else with it because they were working on Natal all this time or it could be it was just a flop.

MS have the money to make it work, they can market it till every 6 year old on the planet wants one.

its a cool concept, but even though i like the 360 and i have always said that, it's not the sort of thing that i see myself being interested in. same way i am not interested in the wii and the same way i am not interested in the ps3's wonder stick ( thats what i call it).

I hope it does work out good though, its getting tiresome reading all these articles trying to bring it down before its even out the door.

KionicWarlord2223420d ago

Main thing Natal will need is supporters. There will have to be Games that are Fun .

Ziriux3420d ago

Exactly, I think it's all in EA's and Activisions hands, their hands down the biggest publishers and if they encourage most of their developers to actually develop games for Natal, than it may just work out and not fail like the vision cam.

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