Video: Xbox 360 Games on Demand service

Joystiq wrote: "Curious how the Xbox 360's recently announced "Games on Demand" service is going to look in your Dashboard? Microsoft made this helpful video, walking you through the entire process. First off: Buying Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga, for $19.99 (note: no Microsoft Points here, folks). Next: Booting up the already purchased BioShock. Simple as pie, no disc needed. And the cherry on top: Quick Launching Mass Effect from inside BioShock. Looks like a great feature ... "

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Rob0g0rilla5289d ago

Game rental service. I could see it now.

kewlkat0075289d ago

Everything is moving to Online/Digital at a very slow pace. Services are being offered but it's not like they are closing doors on traditional methods. Which is the right way to do it.

I totally forgot about this feature...

cherrypie5289d ago

"At a slow pace"?

Huh? The post above you is 100% correct. Their is *VERY* little that keeps this from becoming an rental service.

Or, perhaps even a "ALL TITLES" subscription, call it "Xbox Pass". Where I pay $20(?) per month and can download and play *anything* I wish.

I imagine both services are being worked-on.