Preview Ninja Gaiden Sigma: "Most Impressive Technical Performance"

It takes a Ninja to unleash the real power behind the PS3. First full preview by Gamepro.

"Those skeptical that Team Ninja will deliver only a glossed-over version of Ninja Gaiden Black on the PlayStation 3 will literally drop jaw when they feast their eyes and hands on Ninja Gaiden Sigma, the most impressive technical performance we've yet seen on the PS3. Running in 1080p and 60 frames per second with real-time self shading, Sigma is shaping up to be a feat for the PS3, but it's the patented Gaiden gameplay that brings everything together in another impressive Ninja experience."

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jwatt4275d ago

If you ask me, it seems as if the developers don't have any problems developing on the Ps3.

techie4275d ago

A Ninja Theory (maybe you have to be a ninja to do it) dev said he found it quite relaxing :)

schnodder4275d ago

i love my ps3 - - best system out there.

fenderputty4275d ago

We get crappy ports from the Xbox. They don't look as good as the Xbox versions. People say the PS3 sucks. It can't do what the Xbox can. Reality is that the games are dev'ed for the Xbox and then ported as easily as possible to make money.

Then these guys come and pull off something that hasn't been done on a console yet. That includes the 360. They make all these crybaby devs sound like sub-par highschool programers. Of course, the Xbots scream "sloppy seconds," when in reality this is almost a complete new game.

TheMART4275d ago


Way too funny dude!

You´re saying that 360 fans say the PS3 can´t do what the XBOX 1 can do?

Oh yeah ofcourse, I think the PS3 has the same specifications as a 733 Mhz Celeron CPU, a Geforce 3 GPU and 64 MB Ram. Right?!

Dude, ofcourse they´re able to polish things up just nice on the PS3. I may freakin´ hope so!

Ninja Gaiden 2 will be first on 360 though. Looking better then this. And maybe you´ll get it after 2 or 3 years on the PS3. Enjoy this one in the mean time, it´s real good gameplay you know.

fenderputty4275d ago

I mean 360. I thought you would have been smart enough to figure that out.

1080p/60fps/self shading is better then making and old game look nice. Quit trying to downplay this.

theagony4275d ago (Edited 4275d ago )

you are dumb like a bird, you can not think and read at the same time either, but one thing you do best is reading every ps3 related article on this site(just reading not thinking though) don't worry when sony takes down the prices you will have a PS3 too.

JIN KAZAMA4275d ago

more that ANYBODY!!!!!!!!!!

socomnick4275d ago

hmm shouldn't the ps3 handle a enhance xbox port well ? of course it should .

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The story is too old to be commented.