Uncharted 2 Among Thieves 2009 Game of E3

Three heavy weight games stood out from the rest this E3. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, God of War 3 and Splinter Cell: Conviction. But what made Uncharted 2 the game of not only E3, but of possibly the year?

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shocky163889d ago

Sure I'll take your opinion seriously.


donator3889d ago

Still though, UN2 does take the cake.

DaPS3Duke3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

I'm sure you wouldn't say that if they chose Splinter Cell. ;)

lloyd_wonder3888d ago

Don't be mad because Splinter Cell is a AA title.

TomAB3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

So because you've never heard of them their opinion dooesn't matter?
A worthy winner imo. The beta is awesome and the sp looks phenoomenal

Traveler3888d ago

Uncharted 2 was certainly one of my favorite games of the show, along with Mass Effect 2.

Uncharted 2 blew my mind. Anybody that played the first one knows the second one is going to be so awesome.

gamesmaster3888d ago

agree if uncharted 2 takes it.

eagle213888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

just awesome!!! :)

SuperM3888d ago

Uncharted 2 won E3 for me hands down. Glad to see that sites are recognising that. Got game of E3 by 1up aswell.

Unicron3888d ago

If it makes you feel any better, 1up voted the same.

kevnb3888d ago

god of war 3 and the last guardian.

pippoppow3888d ago

Agree, except I would include Heavy Rain as well. Actually tied with Last Guardian for game of show for me.

raztad3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

Conviction does look good but is not even close to UC2. It should be compared graphics-wise with Heavy Rain. I feel HR still looks better, cause better facial animations, more detailed models but I could be wrong.

Said that, I dont like the gameplay changes. Ubisoft is turning SC:Conviction into a third person shooter with stealth elements, borrowing a lot from RS:Vegas. It should be the other way around, SC:Chaos Theory was the perfect stealth game with action elements in it. I loved that game.


I know what you mean. It's hard to choose between an experience like UEDA games and the epicness of GoW3.

arika3888d ago

uncharted 2 is not only the best game on E3 but it is also going to be the game of the year. mark my words people.

Blaze9293888d ago

I think its quite clear to see no-name websites and unknown journalist only matter when they score PS3 exclusives low with sony fanboys.

But you gotta agree either way, been playing the Uncharted 2 beta for quite some time now and I gotta say I really enjoy it; even bought Uncharted 1 the other day to ply it and learn the backdrop before the sequel comes.

Boty3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

a no name nobody.


TheExecutive3888d ago

All 3 games are beautiful. Two happen to be exclusive. If you dont own all 3 consoles this gen, you lose. /post.

bpac1234567893888d ago

Should Uncharted 2 be game of the year? Probably i won't know for sure until i've played it. But will it be game of the year? I doubt it. It's on the ps3 and with games like halo, splinter cell, alan wake, and left for dead 2 coming to the 360 it has no chance. Yes it's probably the better game but with the continuous bias of the media it has little chance. But that's alright at the end of the day I'll know which game is the best.

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Nambassa3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

i agree but thats just my opinion and i was a huge fan of the 1st uncharted. ryt now i'm addicted to the uncharted 2 beta. i absolutely love the competitive but for some reason i find the co-op a bit boring. hopefully they'll make some changes before release.
and the single player.... OMG THE SINGLE PLAYER!! it looks absolutely insane!

mrv3213888d ago

Let's just see

Uncharted 2 has a live demo, or atleast I think it did.
It's gameplay was tense.
Cover system works.... still.
Graphics looks great
Graphics deserve a second mention.
Not a yearly game
Story looks interesting
Naughty dog.

kewlkat0073888d ago

is another one of my favorites from Sony's E3.

Hey, everyone has opinions right?

Dead_Cell3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

A) It's basically a modern version of Indiana Jones captured in a video game,and everyone loves the concept of trekking across the world as a rogue hunting down priceless treasures and solving mysteries.

B) Nathan Drake,is one of the most charismatic genuinely funny and loveable-rogueish game characters ever created. To say he's just a bunch of pixels Naughty Dog has breathed more life and soul into him than most A-list celebrities do in there acting roles.

Edit: for example..

Nathan Drake: You just count to five and pull the cord. Easy, right?
[jumps off and pulls parachute cord]
Nathan Drake: AHHHHHH! Onetwothreefourfive!

PirateThom3888d ago

There's something very "believable" about Drake. Aside from all the ridiculous things he does, he responds in a very real and organic way.

cmrbe3888d ago

goes to their writers, actors and animatiors.

alot of people were not happy when Elana and Sully weren't shown before and thats because ND writers did a fantastic job in bringing their characters to life in Uncharted 1.

The key is these are very believeable characters that we can relate to in real like. They come across as regular people caught in unbelieveable situations.

Uncharted 2 is very close to surpassing Hollywood action adventure movies like indy, romancing the stone and The mummy in terms of acting, script and character development. Watching the E3 U2 trailer looks more like a Hollywood blockbuster movie trailer than a game to me. The only difference i you get to play the characters.


You get bubbs from me mang

well stated, I couldn't agree with you more