Dragonball: Raging Blast E3 Coverage (Mindblowing Gameplay, Screens, Controls)

From XE:

"Checkout some video footage and screenshots we nabbed at the NamcoBandai booth for Dragonball: Raging Blast including the controls screen."

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Sunny_D3423d ago

XE seem to be the only ones covering DB Raging Blast. They must be big time DBZ FANBOYS, LOL!

Blaze9293423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

Just DBZ fans go nuts for this stuff. Know a better title catch than "mindblowing" lemme know lol ;)

I myself was excited for this title but not so much after seeing gameplay.

Sunny_D3423d ago

I was really excited for it too. I even made a list of how the game can match the anime. But, after seeing that the gameplay is just a rehash of the PS2 games. I thought I'm going to vomit as it's too much for me to take.

4pocalyps33423d ago

i wish theyd stop using the world mindblowing. everytime i see that word now my expectations get lowered ¬_¬

Mikelarry3423d ago

would think with all the advancements the current next gen consoles offer they would make use of them and provide better level design and gameplay but that just looks like a ps2 game. this would be bought when its dirt cheap of if at all

Shendow3423d ago

They like staying in the anime like style, to me they should make it like Gears Of War, dark an with hardcore graphics. But they don't but the good thing is they aren't making this one like Burst Limit -_- that was so boring I beat the game while asleep (No really) my friend woke me up an ask me why I was asleep playing a DBZ game an I just said it was that good....not.

Shendow3423d ago

Someone disagree with me? On what???