Invizimals PSP game reveals upcoming PSP/PSP Go Camera for North America

Details on the upcoming PlayStation Portable game Invizimals reveals that a PSP/PSP Go Camera is likely coming to North America. A couple of game trailers for Invizimals also shows the augmented reality gameplay on the PSP Go system.

Watch two trailers for Invizimals, one featuring the original PSP Camera and another one showing the game on the PSP Go system.

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Dimitrius3879d ago

Can someone told me how the camera will work on the new PSP Go since it doesnt have any usb port on the top or so. I think that Sony should add a camera to the new model on the back of the screen. At least a 1.3 to 2 MP camera in ordet to be able to compete with the DSi. Like the PSP Go but for me theier are two ting that sony miss the oportunity to add: a second analog stick and a the mentioned camera.

n4gn4gn4gn4g3879d ago

to be a new camera that attached to the port along the bottom.

Funny though that the PSPgo video doesn't have the Official start and end graphics (Playstation branding). I'd like to know the source of the video.

pwnsause3878d ago

most likely the camera will connect to the bottom of the PSP go on that Proprietary PSP port.

Biphter3878d ago

I wanted to see a camera on the Go (And touch screen). I have the original PSP camera and I can say that it will not fit the Go unless it has a standard mini USB connector somewhere. It wont fit the connector underneath the Go as its completely different. The only other thing they can do is release a seperate camera for the Go. It will be interesting to see how it will work..

This game looks great though! Its kinda like an offspring of eye of the beholder, looks good fun!

Blackmoses3878d ago

Can someone tell me why the didn't just build one into the new PSP Go?
and did the other camera for the PSP ever launch state side?

n4gn4gn4gn4g3878d ago

Camera for 1000-3000 never launched in NA, neither did the GPS or the keyboard they promised at E308


Accessory sales generate income?

PSPgo2 will have built in camera and gps is my bet and PSPgo will go down in price to replace the 3000...dependant on how sales of the go are.

cryymoar3878d ago

this is really cool!
amazing for the kids, should make something more for the bigger kids like me :]
See, even the PSP camera has motion detecting and shape recognition.
"but..but..Microsoft changed gaming foreverrrr!"

mattgdumb3877d ago

the game is kinda gay but im stoked for the camera!finally!

Half-Mafia3877d ago

its not for us, but i think kids will love this.