Trophylist Killzone 2 "Flash and Thunder" Pack Revealed

PS3-Sense writes:"Today the Trophies of the new Killzone 2 DLC-pack "Flash and Thunder" have been revealed to the big public. The 12 bronze Trophies are very easy to get.
Note: The Trophies are on the bottom of the bronze Trophies."

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Nambassa3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

i love the way they keep putting in new trophies to this fantastic game. it really makes people want to keep playing! ESPECIALLY ME! lmao
hmmmmmmm i just looked over the trophies.... i wish they'd make them a bit more creative. they're all VERY similar to each other.

MGOelite3421d ago

only thing annoying is you can always see people going for the trophies instead of going with the team

supersonicsaga3421d ago

When does the dlc come out?

The Hunter3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

When it is comming out xD

Kidding, 11 June ;)

talltony3421d ago

I am going to have a killzone 2 platinum with only 50% of the game done after this comes out! lol

Lifendz3421d ago

please please please give it another chance. The 1.27 patch REALLY helped the controls out a lot. High Precision made the game as close to COD4 controls as I think are possible while keeping the Killzone2 feel. Great game. I'm going for my top 1% right now.

QuackPot3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

Yes, but only slightly. I don't care for the killzone feel for controls. I just want the fast, accurate responsiveness expected of shooters.

the slowness & lag for shotgun and rpg aiming totally fracks me off. There should not be a need for a learning curve. Accessibility is the key here.

Lifendz3421d ago

Have you played with the High Precision option on? Just curious.

QuackPot3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

Yup. Maxed out x/y sensitivity as well. It's improved things but still frustrating looking on to a target quickly.

But Killzone 2 is still an awesome game. I just hate the controls and spawn flares.

BTW: full supporter of rockets and not a noob - the most powerful class I believe is a tactician with repair abiliies.

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Mc Fadge3421d ago

I love Killzone 2, but they need to release some free content. I've got the Steel and Titanium pack, but nobody plays them. Everytime paid DLC is released in a mutliplayer game, it splits the community.

We want variety in our matches, not fewer players

dogmeat eater3421d ago

But say if this dlc is around $3 thats fine by me. Paying say $10 for 3 maps would be a little too much.

QuackPot3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

I've been playing straight this last week and the huge majority of games don't have the DLC. Annoying and doesn't suggest many have picked up the maps.

GG needs to realize new maps are not going to do it anymore.

However, if they combine a map with new weapons(flame thrower, lightning gun, mini-gun, knife even) and/or vehicles - just like the Warhawk DLC - then maybe, just maybe, most owners will start buying.

Prediction: steel,titanium, flash & thunder will be free by the end of the year.

red5ive3421d ago

still haven't been in the top 1%. god damn it.

The real Why dis3421d ago

Another Map Pack Sony really are milking this game.

Mc Fadge3421d ago

Atleast put some effort in :/