The Portable Gamer Review: Chess Online Pro for iPhone

TPG writes: "Chess fans on the go will get an extra kick out of Chess Online Pro, being that they're now able to test their skills against the world. By far the biggest draw to COP is, as the title implies, the online portion. It's unfortunate though, that there simply aren't enough players online yet. G5 has attempted to compensate for the lack of players by including an online bot, but at that point (other than padding your online stats) you're just playing the single player game."

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CrAppleton3425d ago

I love Chess.. and this is an awesome app for any others out there who dig it!

Neco5123425d ago

Awesome! I used to play chess all the time

CrAppleton3425d ago

Battling online with other Chess players is pretty cool

Neco5123425d ago

online sounds cool, sucks there arent that many people online though

DaRockSays3425d ago

chess on you phone. do we have time for dis?

wondroushippo3425d ago

A man who can't find the time to play chess on his phone is not a man I want to know.

...but a lady who can't find time to play chess on her phone, I think I could live with that.

Spolodaface3425d ago

Not 100% about this. When it comes to games, i've always been a fan of "twists" to chess, like the classic, Battle Chess.