Gamepro Feature: The Real Reason Behind Game Delays

Conventional wisdom and public relations suggest that "quality control" is the chief reason for game delays. That's only partly right -- in fact, strategy plays a bigger role than you would ever suspect.

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Kastrol4271d ago

I dont understand these delays but you just make the people who would by your game anyway wait longer

The main reason is that most devs would hold off releasing a game untill xmas for more cash but they dont understand that its annoying waiting every Q4 for a game

Point being whether its april or december if the game is good it will sell regardles of what month

Blasphemy4271d ago

I have to disagree. 80% of all retail is sold in the last two months of the year mainly right after thanksgiving. Your game will have a better chance of selling more copies during the crhistmas season then any of the other months of the year. I can understand why they wait to release games.

TheMART4271d ago

So whats the strategic reason behind delaying Duke Nukem... Like... FOREVER?