Console Monster: Red Faction: Guerrilla Review

Console Monster writes: "The dusty plains of the red planet have always had somewhat of a draw to us lot down here on Earth, with its vast craters and windstorms, Mars has always been a curiosity to architects and astronomers, alike. With the topic of sustaining life on Mars covered in a whole range of movies, ranging from the good to the downright awful, it was now time for a next generation game to step up to the plate and take up the gauntlet.

The Red Faction series made up some of the better shooters on the PS2 towards the beginning of the decade and provided what was, at its core, purely a great multiplayer FPS; the kind of multiplayer where you'd splitscreen with your friends for a belly full of laughs and a face full of lead. After a long holiday for the series, it has returned with a gleaming new wardrobe and an impressive list of features, but is it any good? I strapped on my spaceboots and got ready to party with the Martians..."

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