Console Monster: Guitar Hero: Metallica Review

Console Monster writes: "Since those halcyon days of yesteryear when the first utterances and whisperings of Guitar Hero were rustling through the games industry, the genre that is the music game has come a long way. We've had many advance bids on singing games such as Lips, further development to the seemingly antique concept of dancemat games, but the biggest step in recent years is surely the cohesive implementation of four instruments in one game. The opportunity to chase the coattails of fame and fortune by forming your very own virtual band. While it should be pointed out that Guitar Hero's competitor, Rock Band, pipped the Activision-backed horse to the post in terms of the band concept, both games have added significantly to their respective offerings and the future looks bright for the genre, with both series sure to continue their journey onwards and upwards until even newborn babies will be clutching a plastic guitar or microphone.

Where Rock Band may have been first to realise the possibilities of having a "band in your living room", Guitar Hero was the first to harvest the sweet money-milk from the licensing cash cow by creating band-specific iterations. They began this last year with Guitar Hero: Aerosmith and now, after a long wait, it is time for the Sandman to enter, in Guitar Hero: Metallica..."

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