E3 2009: Binge Gamer Preview - The Agency

Binge Gamer writes: The Agency takes place in a current-world environment, shunning the typical fantasy themes typical to most MMOs on the market. The story is based around two secret factions, U.N.I.T.E. and ParaGON, with the former being uber-professional and technological while the latter is a bit more makeshift, acting as a group of mercenaries.

While we weren't allowed to play The Agency for ourselves, SOE's Lorien Gremore was more than happy to demo it for us. And what we saw was actually quite impressive. It's incredibly action-based with loads of missions and side quests to complete in locations around the world. The multiplayer
aspect sounds spectacular, and the class system of an MMO being implemented in a FPS game just sounds awesome.

Heck, there was even an E3 stage, but as much as we begged, she swore it was top-secret. Sorry, people. We tried, but you know how those spy types get when it comes to confidentiality-and we here at Binge Gamer value our lives, thank you very much.

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