TenTonHammer: Global Agenda Hands-On

The media bonanza of E3 certainly shines its spotlight on heavy-hitting developers and their publishers, but sometimes it's also the perfect opportunity to take a look at titles that may not be getting the amount of attention they deserve. At this year's conference, Ten Ton Hammer sat down with the developers of Global Agenda for a hands-on preview and came away thoroughly impressed.

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dagger2b3515d ago

Global Agenda will be an amazing game. I can't wait to competite in a mmo/fps.

There is a beta test that will be starting soon, so please consider helping these developers out with this awesome game! GAMC!

Ionix3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

Can't wait for this game, I hope this mmo really breaks out and becomes a hit title, this is the next revolutionary MMO IMO. Oh, and GAMC!

hellbinn3514d ago

I played this game at E3 and i do have to say it was the funnest game i played there. The game looked really smooth and fun for not being in beta yet. The pvp is really fun and exciting and could play it for hours. The way that you control boundries is really nice.

The pve was really good to even tho its still being worked on. Shooting robots in the head is always a blast!