Bungie Says: "We Make Games That We Want to Play"

Split-screen: "Bungie Studios has an exceptionally good E3 showing with Halo 3: ODST and the announcement of Halo: Reach for Autumn 2010. Yes, they've never had a bad year at E3 thanks to Halo, but the developer continues to assert their top-notch presentation skills and production values. Does it reaffirm their basic thinking? One would think so, since Bungie's tagline is now, 'We Make Games That We Want to Play'."

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Jerkapotamus3425d ago

They must not have a very diverse taste in games then. I'd really like them to get away from FPS's and the Halo franchise. I thought that was the point in leaving Microsoft, but I guess the money guaranteed by releasing a Halo game is too much. The Halo games are fine, but I really want to see what they can do in other genres.

Xi3425d ago

They've made 2 fps franchises that have been popular, they also created the real time tactics genre of games that warcraft soon followed with, and they made a great 3rd person action game.

Gun_Senshi3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

lol before warcraft?

you're a retard. Blizzard created a RTS game in 8 Bit Era when they where still named Silicon & Synapse, in 1991. Thats before you was born.

SuperM3424d ago

Halo ODST did not have an impressive showing at E3. The gameplay videos was so boring i never got to finish any of them. Im actually starting to doubt the so called immense talent of bungie. They look pretty much like a 1 hit wonder to me. First Halo was great, and after that it just went downhill. Halo Reach better be a significant upgrade orelse i will lose any interest in the Halo franchise.

FamilyGuy3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

But that's a good moto.

hmm, i could swear there was someone between these two post...

FamilyGuy3424d ago

Obviously this game franchise is... lucrative. And with so many returning and new gamers interested in it i can see why they wouldn't want to stray BUT.
The fact that they've made games that are so enjoyable to the users that they not only come back for more but bring friends with them should let them know that they're good enough to try other things.

siyrobbo3424d ago

has reach been confirmed as a FPS? Ive not read up that much on it

JokesOnYou3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

Sony folks or "I'm no halo fan but"-type gamers...uhm how about you just forget about Halo then and buy all those other thousands of games available from hundreds of OTHER devs. I'll take more Halo greatness along with many of those other great games too, from other great devs. Thank you very much. Its funny how the same folks can't wait for the next long running sequel on ps platform. I would agree its maybe time to move on from Halo or radically change it, if there was a whole lot of sequels and tons of spin offs, but its only been>>>>3<<& lt; Halo games so far and soon to be an expansion with ODST, then a pretty damm good RTS....theres a ton of Halo Universe yet to be explored. I'd hope we get at least 2 or 3 more direct sequels and if they have some great spin-off ideas like Halo Wars then bring it on,

lmfao lets be honest alot of haters WANT to see Halo go away just because they know its potential for continued success is still very high, [takes one look at comments from the usual members] gasp, how predictable.


poopface13424d ago

THe last bungie game I played before halo was on ps2, called ONI. IT was a horrible game. And I was really looking forward to it. If the new halo has stealth like in halo 1, then it will be the best sp halo since the first.

Shepherd 2143424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

i guess the same reason why Konami has made over a dozen MGS stealth games, or why Valve only makes FPS's too, or why theres a new COD FPS game released every single year.

But Halo makes the most money, so it gets all the criticism.

To be honest, i pulled an all-nighter last night switching back and forth between Halo 3 and Fallout 3 and party chatting with some friends. That why Bungie wants to keep making Halo. Because 2 years after Halo 3's release, its the most played game on XBL, and people like me are still loving the hell out of Halo and looking forward to the next installment, the same as anyone else looking forward and speculating about upcoming Metal Gear Solid games, analyzing trailers of God of War 3, and being worried but excited about Final Fantasy 13.

TheRealSpy023424d ago


they don't want halo to go away. could you imagine how bored these people would be if one of their favorite things to complain about stopped launching sequels?

THEY NEED IT. giving a negative, biased, uninformed opinion about games you dislike is what N4G (forums) is all about.

Blaze9293424d ago

And they got sales figures to prove it ;)

3424d ago
All-33424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

I think Bungie sent a message to Microsoft via the Master Chief's last words in Halo 3.

Master Chief said: "Wake me. If you need me."

We all know Microsoft needs another Halo game for 2010 or 2011 at the very latest.

Microsoft might be developing a new game engine for the next Halo game as their hiring suggests as well... I think Microsoft realizes that another true Halo game can only be made by Bungie... but were willing to go ahead without them on board? Who knows, perhaps the thought of another company making the next Halo game was too much for Bungie to take...

Going independent means more money for Bungie via sales profit sharing and Microsoft gets the Halo game it wants... so I don't think Bungie minds as much as they did when they were owned by Microsoft.

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Raoh3425d ago

I'm no halo fan but for the most part i do respect Bungie's work and commitment.

They should step away from halo for at least one games life cycle. do something completely different. They could probably teach themselves some new tricks and techniques.

I like to cook, my specialty is Rosemary Chicken. People go gaga over it. but when i make it all the time it starts to lose what makes it great cause its no longer something i make for special occasions or when i'm really in the mood or when i want to impress someone. after a while it starts to just become vanilla. but i only do it once in a while and when i do it i go all out cause i put my love into it.

If bungie would step away from halo for a while they would probably be more excited to return to halo and really do something special for it.

WildArmed3425d ago

I agree.
I think there is more to Bungie than just Halo.
I dont think everyone sees that and wants Bungie to stick with the Halo franchise.

I wish their talent could be used in a diverse matter.
Like insomniac, switching off from R&C n Resistance year after year.
I'd like dat ^^

mastiffchild3424d ago

But, ODST was their chance to free themselves from the fear of wrecking what they have bu changing MC and Halo too much(a fear which is stifling their undoubted talent, imo)and they haven't, from whats been shown, really grasped that.

Really, despite being open world it's lots more of the same kind of thing when it could have felt as fresh as the fist Halo did. Hopefully Reach will see Bungie back to astounding people rather than just giving them more of what worked last time. Halo is easily a big enough fanchise to take a few risks to improve and build on iot's legacy and it would be sad if Bungie weren't the ones to do it.

I don't doubt that people will like ODST or that it'll still be a good game I just wish they'd looked to change things up a bit more, am I being unrealistic?

Foxgod3424d ago

Yes you are, cause all indications show that Halo ODST will sell like crazy, and bring even more success to Bungie and its franchise.

Heck, even an Halo rts sold more then 2 million copies.
(remember how all the sony fans claimed it only sold because according to sony fans the consumers thought it would be a halo shooter).

mastiffchild3424d ago

You miss my point Foxy. I mean that whatever they tried with ODST people would, because of both the fact that it's a Halo FPS and made by Bungie, buy the game in thier droves safe in the knowledge that they'd like what they'd be getting.

Under those circumstances is it unrealistic to want or expect just a bit more experimentation? This time we aren't in the shoes of MC so the chance for big changes was there-people expect some change surely when you aren't gonna be a Spartan superhero in a near indestructible suit for the first time, no?

That it will sell like mad is part of my reasoning-they have a given, huge audience willing the game to be great that prolly expected a few changes and I wodered if they'd be more happy to stick close to the winning formula or branch out some more after Halo3 didn't do much different. I realise the temptation is to leave the thing that works as it is but we see n other real;ms that success is maintained longest term by those who can reinvent themselvs and their product over time.

Whatever, it's no great moan I'm having and Reach might be when Bungie move the series forward in bigger strides as ODST did start as an expansion, and in fairness still carries the H3 name in it's title. I'll still enjoy ODST but I won't be blown away like I was when I first played CE and I just worry a little that Bungie might get a little stuck on the same track and I'd hate a great series to pall.

Raoh3423d ago

FOXY you miss my point

david jafee could sell like crazy on the 360

but he and kojima etc have stated (and are not poor) that they love to create.. forget online rules, current trends etc.. "I have a vision and i want to do it no matter what".. i think bungie is at that stage where its not that they dont want to continue halo but would like to make a great non halo game.. only thing better than another halo bungie game is another bungie game that can stand next to halo...

look at the shadow of the colossus and ico fans.. it wasnt a big money seller but damn it if the developer and its fans werent proud of that game...

some of the xbox fans that love the square enix love wont play ffxiv but sales wise screw it, there are so many mmorpg fans that screw the halo and gran turismo sales..

i think bungie could be the next great developers period ...... not the halo developer great only.. also it would make halo better.. halo sales were/are great but i loved halo 1, was not impressed at all with halo 2 and halo 3 was to me just a big hype.. that doesnt mean halo sucks but that maybe bungie needs more development/creative time to make a real halo game not a halo sales spectacle.. (add the fact that many bought halo based on hype alone..

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truewittness3425d ago

why would this guy report this as "Lame: and OLD how the hell is this considered news?"

the artical on was posted on 6-7 and the tagline trademark was: Date of Status: 2009-06-04.

now MAR-TYR-DOM is bias, maybe even a fanboy.

and news? i've see worse things get reported and posted.

Nike3425d ago

(In response to my stating it to be new): "Whatever dude, this is NOT news, its a waste of time, and its NOT going to get approved!"

Strange how he missed this though:

So, yes. Worse things have been reported and subsequently approved. :)

psycho3603424d ago

Says the guy with MGS series character in his avatar.

bullswar3424d ago

Jealouse Pony Fanboys ... cant have it now and never will.

-MD-3424d ago

God of War (3)
Final Fantasy (14)
Metal Gear Solid (4)
Gran Turismo (5)

Lets talk about milking.

d0nT wOrrY3424d ago

haha a lot of bots, at least its not just one game ops i mean two.

gears and halo

Foxgod3424d ago

Theres been over 20 metal gear games =)
And 30+ final fantasy's.

Man_of_the_year3424d ago

Way to make yourself look like a complete idiot with your statement. Obviously the PS3 is your first console since you have no idea about the history of gaming and its games.

d0nT wOrrY3424d ago

whatever you say moron @Man_of..

im gaming since 1993, i know everything about gaming. and yes, halo sux

Man_of_the_year3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

So then you are just ignornat then huh? To say milking of the franchise yet you have the avatar of one of the most milked frachises in gaming history....

Oh yes, and you suck. Stupid ignorant hypicritical douche of a Sony Droid.

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SpoonyRedMage3424d ago

Bungie are cool guys and I personally think that the continuation of the Halo franchise is equally about the popularity and the money and also that Bungie loves the franchise.

mastiffchild3424d ago

They do cme axcross pretty well I'll say that for them but I also fear that they're a little in thrall to what Halo has become which hampers them when it comes to changing things-Halo is a great franchise and Bungie deserve all the praise available for it.

However, with Halo3 not feeling the big gen jump it could have I felt that this time with ODST(and no MC)they'd be braver and change more than they have. Maybe they're just too respectful of the fans and worry that too much would turn people off and eventually that could stagnate the series. Maybe, if Reach isn't a big advance in Halo it would be best for Bungie and Halo to be apart for a game or two?

SpoonyRedMage3424d ago

Well it seems they didn't really want to make Halo 3 and ODST and Reach are more in the direction they want to take it. ODST whilst similar in gameplay is a total different style, especially narratively.