Spawn Kill Review: inFamous

K-Tuck of Spawn Kill writes:

"This summer's blockbuster superhero video game is here, and it is called inFamous. Putting the power of electricity and the fate of a city into the player's hands, Sucker Punch's latest sandbox game is one of the biggest, flashiest, and most unique games to grace the PlayStation 3."

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K-Tuck3474d ago

This is definitely one of the biggest exclusives available on the PS3.

ihaten4glol3474d ago

It's games like inFamous that make me wish I had a PS3...oh well. Soon!

tigresa3474d ago

Hot damn it sounds like I'd have fun just roaming around the city before I remember to do the missions... I haven't sandboxed it up in a while.

theherp803474d ago

this game is awesome! I know a lot of my friends were waiting to get a PS3 and they got one for this game. if you dont have a PS3 yet get one now stop being lazy!