Destructoid: Forza Motorsport 3 Impressions

Cars in Forza Motorsport 3 look fantastic, as you would expect. What pleasantly surprised Destructoid was the look of the menu system. Taking cues from magazine layout, the menus look clean and crisp with a very minimalist approach that allows you to focus on the beauty of the vehicle you're about to drive without a lot of noise and clutter.

Turn 10 Studios is packing a ton of content into this release. There will be roughly 400 cars from fifty manufacturers and a hundred tracks for you to race them on. All of the cars will have a damage model and any car that could physically be rolled over in reality will be able to do that in the game.

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Why dis3447d ago

The new features made for casual gamers are optional it seems to be a lot of reviewers bringing that up saying the hardcore might grump, just turn them off lol.

dragunrising3447d ago

The only issue I find with the "noob" friendly controls is whether or not they are enabled or disabled in multiplayer and achievements.

If the auto-break feature is allowed in online play it could create a disadvantage for purists. Also, the achievements by default would be less difficult if you could rewind time. Just saying...

The graphics look great. I was very impressed that they bumped the frame rate up to 60 fps. If they do away with the jaggies (from the first) I'll be even happier.

SaberEdge3447d ago

True. But it seems all car games tend to have noticeable jaggies. When I played Gran Tursimo 5 Prologue I was disappointed by how many jaggies I could see. 60 FPS though, is awesome and for a car game makes a big difference.

Forza 3 sounds really good in any case.

Agent VX3447d ago

SabreEdge - Yep, I noticed a lot of jaggies on FT5 Prologue also, and the backgrounds were less than impressive, but still look good.

I personally like Forza better because of all the customizations, and Forza 3 is looking fantastic.

Spike473447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

I wonder if Destructoid knows what Drift is.

Anyways, the graphics of this game are simply stunning.

EDIT:Sonyslave and whydis, wait am I in the open zone? Why are your bubble counts so low?

Sonyslave33447d ago

WOW and this game is coming out this year.

Xi3447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

It takes out a lot of the fustration I've had with other racing games, specially ones where I've held a lead throughout an entire race, when I hit a car I was overtaking near the end, spinning out and having my car damaged, which loses credits, and even losing the race.

Not only that, I think it will help me take corners and perfect lines. Being able to find the precise speed, line, and timing on each section of a track will be a lot more fun. Same thing about practicing drifitng.

I also think that this will be the first racing game that will feature the ability to use a clutch when driving?

Finally, the game looks stunning, and I'm extremely excited to see what some of these cars will look like with fully painted decals and images on them, and having them drift around the new enviroments.

Szarky3447d ago

"I also think that this will be the first racing game that will feature the ability to use a clutch when driving?"

I was using clutch on my G25 in GT5:P

Montrealien3447d ago

NFS:Pro Street also had the clutch.

LiL T3446d ago

I also think that this will be the first racing game that will feature the ability to use a clutch when driving?
Toca Race driver had a clutch on ps2

Sonyslave33447d ago

I could sworn MS said this game was coming out this year.

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The story is too old to be commented.