Odd PS3 Trailer - footage edited together

Here is a new PS3 trailer with previous ones edited together to form a coherent whole. Does it make more sense now?

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Neutral Gamer4275d ago

deepbrown mate, on behalf of the National Association of Egg Producers, I'd like to say thanks for making it a little bit clearer.

I still feel I need to see a lot more footage together till I fully understand what is going on though! :p

By the way how do you get a Video to appear in your description like that? I just can't seem to figure it out!

techie4275d ago

As I said go to

I must admit though I have not seen any ANY ps3 ads in the UK. Have you? I really liked the European ads I saw on here though telling us about blu-ray and cell and showing all the games.

For embedded video you need to find "Embed" which is beside videos on some sites (not IGN or Gamespot) and then copy that code into a box underneath the description box (says add video) and hey presto :)

Extra Guy4274d ago

I've seen a couple i think over here. There was the one with the briefcase full of money and another one which i can't quite remember. I still find them very strange though, a bit like that old 360 one with the kid in the street.

Hayabusa 1174274d ago

You live in the

I've seen a couple of these "This is Living" adds on TV. I don't watch TV much though: too busy on my 360.

kewlkat0074274d ago (Edited 4274d ago )

are LAME..
Take a note from these commercials, We want the goods dammit so show it..Nothing will ever beat early 90's SNES/SEGA commercials.

Some are too young on this site to remember..but look they show you games, not Rubber ducks and boiled eggs. This commercial made me wanan get a SEGA Genesis. Sony's new commercials, I have no feelings what so ever.
One of my favorites.

One of the Funniest Playtion commercials

Who knew this game would be so great

Thats a great site by the way..


At least Genesis did..