PSU: Red Faction: Guerrilla Review

The Red Faction series is all about destruction. When developer Volition created the GeoMod engine back in 2001, it afforded players with the freedom to completely destroy environments with explosive devices and heavy weaponry. Back then, it must have dreamt of the day that it could get its hands on some hardware that would really showcase its technology. Those dreams have now been turned into reality with Red Faction Guerrilla. Needless to say, the third game in the popular series has evolved dramatically since the last iteration in 2002.

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Cajun Chicken3881d ago

Entertaining as heck! Multiplayer rocks too. If only they had a 'Free Mode' ala GTA4 though.


But I bougth this game after more than a week on inFAMOUS. To be honest I didnt liked the demo so I decided to bougth it thanks to the good reviwes it received. I have to say that Im quite dissapointed. As a huge Red Faction fan back in my PS2 early days I always liked that the game was unique and that the enviroments were incredible destructibe. In Guerilla they mantain the good enviroment destruction but the game is not unique anymore. I dont know maybe I need to play it more but I just cant because I feel boring and the game to me is tediuos.

Most important is that I feel the game is overated because graphically it wasnt that good apart from the destruction. It has framerate problems, screen tearing and boring and repetitive vistas. I point that because all of them were complaints in the inFAMOUS reviews. Also the missions are repetitive...another complaint about inFAMOUS. The multiplayer is good but not that good to keep playing it. I dont know but it missed that thing that could make it different from the crowd. That spice that inFAMOUS HAVE and I hope Prototype has it too.

For tha fans I have it for my 360 and I have to tell you that my friend has the PS3 version and this game is identical. To me it missed the most important thing and that is FUN. So far this is in my opinion again the most overrated game released so far...and inFamous is the most underrated.