Original Wiimote was limiting says Ubisoft

LiveWii : "During an European event that Ubisoft held in order to discuss Red Steel 2, Ubisoft claimed they had a bit of trouble making the first Red Steel due to Wiimote limitations. That what a slide says in the pictures from the event. Take a look also at the coolest man on board : Jason Vanderberghe"

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bjornbear3516d ago

i laughed so hard when i saw that, and still do. Probably the most spastic and retarded thing every to come out of E3 (yes Wii Music doesn't cut it compared to this xD)

mrv3213517d ago

PS3 too complicated
360 out of steam
Wiimote too hard.

I think Ubi just suck, look at there game.

SpoonyRedMage3517d ago

Yup, that's obvious. It's what Wii Motionplus is about and it'll be the first 1:1 motion control on the market, next month.

Ps_alm3k3517d ago

this and that, that and this is out of what!!!

TheBand1t3517d ago

With such blockbusters such as Red Steel and Carnival Games, how on earth can we ever doubt Ubisoft?

Also, epic sarcasm.

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