Game-Debate: The Sims 3 Review

The Sims 3 is not just a make-over; by opening up the town it is a carefully executed evolution to the Sims concept and the exciting number of options opened up will mean you'll never look back to previous editions.

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Felix Nova3423d ago

A splendid write up by Gidzilla and by all accounts EA have a game that is a worthy successor to one of the highest selling game franchises around.

seebaruk3423d ago

I've been a fan of the Sims since I first locked Britney Spears in a room with Kane (of WWE fame) and watched them slowly go insane. Quality review, glad to see the franchise is still alive and evolving. Can't wait to pick this up.

gidzilla3422d ago

Its been a while. But now I remember why The Sims is worthy of its success.
Must.Not.Buy Expasions.

Baron Squee3420d ago

Hours of fun. Nice review. Cant wait to grow my hair down to my waste and then sit on a couch playing computer games till I starve....