Infinity Ward on the 'Modern Warfare 2' Name Change

It's just Modern Warfare 2, not Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Why the name change? MTV spoke to the devs to get the scoop.

So there you have it. Kinda weird that Infinity Ward would be the ones to lose the name, considering it was their baby to begin with, but that's business, right?

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Szarky3878d ago

I'd want to seperate myself from Treyarch as far as possible. With the new name, they've done that I think.

MAR-TYR-DOM3877d ago


Hydrolex3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

who cares ?

Name doesn't make a good game !

In my mind Grand Theft Auto is an ugly name but it's popular and famous that's why it sounds good when someone calls it

Andronix3877d ago

the video is only viewable in the U.S.
Does anybody know an EASY & effective way of changing IP/proxy address?
Can anybody list the content of the interview?

KaBaW3876d ago

Basically, all he said was that the name change was because MW2 is a direct sequel to MW1, where as all the other COD games had their own unique campaign.

IzKyD13313876d ago

Video didn't say anything you couldn't figure out for yourself, all he said was that because MW 2 was a direct sequel to COD4, it separates itself from just another COD game

likedamaster3876d ago

It's obvious "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 2" wouldn't fly, it's too confusing. Keep it simple is the motto and I agree.

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mrv3213877d ago

Reason for name change

1. We didn't want to seem like a cheap yearly game with little improvements over the first.... but we still want to be yearly game to cash in on our little developement and improvements but huge sales.

2. We are a hore... we sold out to let Treyarch make a game after us and [email protected] was so bad we didn't want to seem like COD 6 is anyway like it.... infact it will be

3. We are pathetic humans who barely supported our games they couldn't even add rumble, no sixaxis and no trophies yet their games sold millions. Nice one you pathetic developers, you are proof that evolution isn't real because better games like R&C and Uncharted sell far less yet are fanastic miles better than COD 4 but somehow COD 4 got all these awards just because it did nothing new. How good.

4. Modern Warfare sold, Modern Warfare 2 will sell more we didn't want to name is COD 6: daisy our cash cow is duying. Quickly release our mediocore games remove some maps and release it as dlc.

NateNater3877d ago

Wow you hit that explanation spot on and i agree with you fully. But for some reason I'm still going to go out and buy MW2. Strange world isn't it?

Gamekilla3877d ago

i mostly agree but wow, that was a really bitter rant

red2tango3877d ago

tbh that is completely true, and timed exclusivity is dumb, but timed dlc is even dumber. f*ck you infinity ward, but unfortunately you still get my 60 bucks :(

spandexxking3877d ago

super bitter rant! you missed the point though, COD4 was amazing to play.

Johnny Jiron3877d ago

When Activision is pulling most the strings. It was them who said they only want franchise games that can be release annually so anyone under there wing by contract would have to oblige. I think there's more to this than IW wanting to make a quick buck.

wildcat3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

How does THIS comment get so many agrees. Are people this bitter. So I assume you won't be getting Modern Warfare 2 then, mrv321?

Troll-Killer3877d ago

[email protected] the bitter PS3 fanboy. Why don't you send that little diatribe to IW via e-mail. I'm sure they'd love to read how much your butt hurts. :)

mrv3213877d ago

Yes I'm bitter, COD 4 was insanely fun but why I mean what did they add that was so fantastic that people are so willing to buy the next game.


COD 4 or 5 doesn't have a clan system I doubt 6 will either
A dreadful story, short and unfun
A bad online, both lag wise and feature wise.

Xbrainer3877d ago

CoD 4 is by far the best FPS released this gen and if you can't see that then there is something wrong with you my friend.

mrv3213877d ago

COD 4 is a fun game, if you don't get error 33, lag, failed to join, host ended game. It's especially fun when you don't bother with the singleplayer.... which IW shouldn't have.

COD 4 being the best, quality wise... HELL NO, I mean c'mon games released around the time of COD 4 where Uncharted Drakes Fortune, Gears of War and Bioshock, and all three LOOKED far better, 1 of who'm I know is an exclusive but it's the developors choice to go multiplatform and shouldn't be given an easy ride.

The online may be fun, but it's full of glitches, errors, bug, and what's worst than that is the fact they where lazy.

How hard is it to make a clan system, R:FOM a launch title has one but what do we get instead, A CLAN TAG. Which any developer could have made, seriously. I know downloadable games with a BETTER online system. I know pre 2000 games with a better system. COD 4 basically took a step back, and shall I tell you what no one knows why COD 4 is fun, it was a fluke and so COD 6 will be no different. Spend your $60 on this add on, give $60 to the rich while not giving to the greats who's games drown and in ten years you'll saw aww I wish I played that, I wish I played you Physconaugts but instead I cut the throat of the good developers and drank their still warm blood. You moan at L4D2 but not at this, this is worse they are trying to cover the fact they are no better than whoring crack heads with little respect for anything outside their shallow existance, and I hope to god they bring you down, into a pit of buggy games which you have to buy because all the quality game dev's died.

I am angry because I just bought R&C:TOD and I don't even want to say. COD 4 in the same sentence because. R&C:TOD blows it away, it's varied, the graphics are outstanding the cutscenes show more emotion and atleast in R&C the enemies aren't so good.

Look at COD 4, and the [email protected], and I can't help sympathize with the enemy not at all in [email protected] but if you look at [email protected] you'll see some disgusting propaganda. Firstly notice the fact the Nazi flamethrower guys are depicted as evil, especially in the sniper building, they are flaming everything, yet when your in the jungles you are handed a flamethrower and it's all right again. Notice how the Americans are so much nicer than the Russian, which may be true when it comes to conquered lands but during times of war both sides are no better. Just look at the bombing raids done on Germany, yes the Nazi's wher ebad but the Germans wheren't... they where forced into this war by America who hid behind their isolation and allowed the Nazi's to conquer. And then the final mission, your shooting the wounded, I'm not joking, your shooting the wounded. How horrible is that? I can't help but sympathize with the intro of COD 4, America invaded so this is retaliation. For America to be so concered about staying out of a European war they seem far to concerend with bombing innocenet civillians, and wearing the flag of truth and innonce accross their tank. Freedom arrives to these countries, shame it's behind the guns, the armour and the dominance. R.I.P the 100,000 iraqi civillians, 9/11 was dreadful but the media simply ignoring Iraq is worse.

KaBaW3876d ago

Psyconaughts was fun.
But, damn, you needa chill some, brotha..

N2NOther3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

Wow COD 4's campaign was "unfun"? Er, yeah. I wonder why played through it on every difficulty besides Recruit. Must have been all the fun I was having. Hmmm. It's funny that you say they shouldn't have bothered with single player, especially when you consider that that has always been their primary focus. Nope they should just stick to MP JUST for you.

As for clan support? They're all about MLG which has their own clan support on Why include it when they don't have to or want to?

Sorry you feel like you got the short end of the stick. I picked it up for the 360 so I didn't have any of your problems. But really you should blame Sony for not including rumble and trophies out of the box. Why should IW have to go back a recode things they were done with because Sony couldn't make up it's mind about what it wanted?

I'm sure I'll get lots of disagrees but if ONE person can reasonably defend Sony on this matter, I'll gladly listen.

aueslander3876d ago

GOW2 came out in 2008 whereas COD4 came out in 2007 so you cant say they competed. Also, as far as uncharted, it was a 3rd person game, you cant compare.

Also, to the original dude on this string, IW has been doing COD games every 2 years and 2 years between games is not bad (GOW1 in 2006, GOW2 in 2008, Resistance in 2006, R2 in 2008, and so on). The IW COD games are similar to Treyarchs crap INO. You should realize that. Also, IW has been working on MW2 since almost a YEAR before COD4 was released so this thing has been worked on for like THREE years.

Anyway, first dude and others are just bitter that IW can make a popular game that sells well and everyone likes but their precious first party KZ2 has not done AS well.

JaymezProSauce3876d ago

my thoughts:

Idk if you knew this... but, people are more likely to spend 69.99 on a video game, than the same amount on DLC, Activision thought COD5 was gonna be the new cash cow anyways so they didn't bother letting COD4 release new stuff e.g. the new Playlists, and a 2nd map pack.
If it were up to IW, i'm sure they would of wanted to add more features, look at how long it took for them to patch the glitches or w.e. for the 360, i didnt get that on my ps3 but meh.

Cod6 is going to be better than cod5, even if it is worse, contradicting statement, yes, but true regardless. iykwim.
Iraqi Zombies > nazi zombies. lawl

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jidery3877d ago

Last time i checked call of duty 1 was treyarch

SnprSlick3877d ago

You might want to check again stupid.

retrofly3877d ago

Before anyone commenets on who made which call of duty, just go read the F**king wiki page:

dachiefsman3877d ago


Owned or killzoned!

Senden3877d ago

How can you agree? Infinity Ward have always set the bar high and have never failed to deliver.. CoD4 is probably one of the best shooter of this gen.. the fact it's been out this long and still one of the most played xbl games is proof of this.

Treyarch on the other hand have wridden the CoD bandwagon for way too long.. CoD5 felt like a ww2 mod for CoD4 and a poor one at that.

Xbrainer3877d ago

totally agree, Treyarch should be dropped. I bought World at War thinking o it'll be at least as good as CoD4, but no, it is nowhere near the game CoD4 is.

Axecution3876d ago

Then where the hell is the rumble support? Even Heavenly Sword got rumble support a little after the Dualshock came out. ...and that game failed horribly sales-wise.

ambientFLIER3877d ago

Video was wayyy too long. I got bored halfway through! Edit it down to about 7 seconds, and then we're talkin!

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