Anti-Aliased: Final Fantasy XIV is a good, good thing


"So, unless you've been under a rock, you probably heard Sony squeeing in happiness about Final Fantasy XIV Online, otherwise known as just FFXIV. This is indeed the next MMO that Square-Enix has been hiding from prying eyes, and unlike the indications we got from the company a year ago, this is another Final Fantasy Online.

The reception, however, is quite mixed. Some people, like myself, are really psyched up for this next release in the online series. Others, however, are questioning why make a game like FFXIV when you already have FFXI. Why not just keep on working on FFXI? Don't we all remember how bad sequels work out in the MMO market? Why tempt fate by making a sequel?"

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fire233423d ago

Umm, just being nit picky, but why is this in the 360 section?

raztad3423d ago

You arent being nitpicky. This shouldnt be in the 360 section. PS3/PC only so far.

FamilyGuy3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )


The PS2 version is a... PS2 version
I see XIV lasting for a very long time, like an mmorpg should, because of it's updated graphics and technology. The other FF mmo was released near the end of the PS2s life, well the end of the Fat PS2s life anyway and it received little support outside of the pc market.

This new game gives them a chance to start over and it's welcomed by those like me who thought the other title as unreasonable with having to buy a PS2 HDD in addition to paying an online fee. The PS3 is an all-in-one package that they can easily capitalize on (even though the pc version will undoubtedly sell/do better) as its user base only increases over time.

This is no left for dead 2 here people, it's been in development for a long time and most gamers were happy to see it announced.

Also, if you think about how MMO expansion packs work we could easily have this game for 10 with the ability to simply download expansions like the pc version could.

Serg3423d ago

Not because it is online, everything aside it is just another game they announced. They have a ton of games announced and seem not to get anything done, where's FFXIII? FF Versus XIII? Games that are long overdue. Instead, they announce and announce, it seems their dev teams are working more on CGI trailers for new games than on the actual games.

And this whole "westernize" "phase" they are in is just as stupid. Stick to things you've become famous and loved for.

jmare3423d ago

The idea is to push the XIII team to get the game out before XIV.

FamilyGuy3423d ago

Think about what the article actually says, case in point:
"FFXI was released SEVEN years ago"
"It's time to play technology catch up"

Vagrant_13423d ago

FFXIV has been in developement for 4-5 yrs from a team that has nothing to do with 13 or versus. I'm glad they are making a new MMO because the ps2 has limited to what they can do in XI. I wish people would stop complaining about why they announced 14 when the other games aren't out yet even though I understand what you mean but THEY are different teams working on different titles

Serg3422d ago

These developers could assist in creating XIII and Versus XIII, the most anticipated titles Square Enix has announced, instead they've split their efforts up and progress slowly on each title, while the clearly better solution would be to combine the efforts and work on one game at a time so they could eventually release something worth while. Last time I checked Last Remnant was mediocre at best and I wasn't even aware that Star Ocean 4 was already released until 2 days ago, didn't seem to make a lot of noise in the news either.