TVGB Hands-on at E3 / Afrika

TVGB writes: "It's not everyday that a game I've never heard of really catches me off guard and makes me pay attention. That happened this afternoon with the game Afrika, which is being brought to PS3's in the US by Natsume. The premise of the game is that you're a photographer in the wilderness in, you guessed it, Africa. The game is free-roaming, so you'll walk around in different parts of an area and snap shots of wildlife. As you explore places other areas will open up for you to check out. Now, the game will require you to do all kinds of photojournalist type missions. For example, one mission will require you to find a cheetah hunting down and killing a gazelle. Each picture you take gets graded, much like the photo system in Dead Rising, just much, much more detailed. How detailed? All the cameras and lenses you will use are actual Sony products and you'll be able to change your camera's shutter speed and other settings to get the exact shot you want."

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40cal3877d ago

This is going to be a hell of a lot cheaper and safer than making that international trip. They need to do this for the rain forest and diving. I have been looking forward to Afrika for years now, thank you Natsume.

DFogz3877d ago

There is a diving one that's similar to Afrika, but you'll have to import it, it's called Aquanauts Holiday. Not as detailed as Afrika is, and it's more educational, but if you like shows like whats on Discovery, or Travel channel you may like it.

ChozenWoan3877d ago


Not only do you get to save money on an international trip, you also get to demo some of the best camera tech Sony has to offer. That's Hot!

Glad it's finaly coming to NA... ohh no... another game on my list for this fall. :( ... :)

mindedone3877d ago

can you really call yourself a game journalist and say that you've never heard of Afrika?

Cerberus21253877d ago

It is funny you said that cause I was thinking the same thing as I started reading,I'm no journalist nor I make a living with video games and I've known about this game for ever.My felling is that if you make your living with video games you must have an extensive knowledge of them an if you don't you most not be good at your job.

DFogz3877d ago

I completely agree, this game has been talked about for a long time. After checking it out though I imported the Chinese version Hakuna Matata, which has English options.
Amazing game though.