Guitar Hero Vs Rockband

With the game industry already saturated with rhythm action titles, how can the genre move forward?

The current rivalry between Guitar Hero and Rock Band is one of the most significant in recent history. Both games are huge $1.6 billion revenue-generating monsters, which is hefty even when stacked against the biggest names in the business. Guitar Hero and Rock Band have made a significant impact on the industry's commercial worth, accounting for 32 per cent of its growth from 2007 to 2008. But what's really astounding is how it all started – with Guitar Hero, a quite little game from a budding music developer called Harmonix.

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mistajeff3421d ago

I really don't care about one versus the other when it comes to the consoles, I just play the songs I like and that's it, I use cheats to unlock all songs if I have to.

But I gotta say, I LOVE Rock Band Unplugged. It's the only RB/GH game I've played where I'll actually sit through and enjoy playing songs I don't like to advance the career mode. It may be a repackaged Frequency/Amplitude, but it's fantastic, and there's a lot of good songs on it too.