Bonus Round: Episode 305 - E3 Special - Part 1: Post E3 Sony

E3 has already come and gone, but the industry is still quaking from the all the bombshells dropped by the "Big 3." Bonus Round's experts talk about the biggest announcements E3 has had to offer and also grade Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft's performances at this year's show. Will Project Natal change the console experience forever? What is it doing differently than the Wii? How will Sony's second half of the year pan out? And, did Nintendo finally appease the hard core gamer?

Michael Pachter: Analyst / Wedbush Morgan Securities
Dan Hsu: Co-founder, Editor /

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pwnsause3881d ago

Pachter is kind of right at most points when you think about it. Sony shouldn't talk about the PS2 anymore. PS2 sales are finally declining after 8 years in the market, this is its 9th year. it was built to be around for 10 years in the market. People arent interested in getting a PS2 anymore, people want a PS3/360 or a wii now.

The price cut with the introduction of the PS3 slim is spot on as what i stated and thought about for a while. they are going to slim down the PS3 and get rid of the old PS3. when they cut the price of the PS3 back in 2007, they made a bad mistake which cost them millions, which was cutting it during the summer instead of phasing it out and cutting the price in the fall. This time they are not going to let the same mistake happen twice. sell the old PS3 to clear it out of the channel then introduce the price cut and the slim.

lloyd_wonder3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

And yet the PS2 outsold both the PS3 and 360 last month in NA....

chasegamez23881d ago

sony A-
microsoft C
nintendo D

Simon_Brezhnev3881d ago

funny how he talk about sony rip off customers lets wait and see what he say about microsoft

pippoppow3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

Yeah, like XBL isn't a rip-off. The only platform that charges a fee to play online with the least dedicated servers compared to PC and PS3 platforms. Also how about those high priced hardware add-ons.

Meus Renaissance3881d ago

$250 for the PSP Go is a rip off which makes it unlikely that we'll see a price cut for the PS3 anytime soon. For it to go down to $300, the PSP Go needs to go to down $150.

And the PSP/PS2 presentations were the most dullest moments of E3.

pwnsause3881d ago

PSP presentation wasnt dull at all. there was a lot of info that went out on whats going on with the PSP. i agree with you with the PS2 presentation though.

Stationfan3881d ago

funny how no one ever mentions other high priced consumer ripping hard drives.

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