Tech Fight: Halo 3 vs. ODST (Digital Foundry Analysis)

The earth-shattering arrival of Killzone 2 earlier this year had serious ramifications for Microsoft's reputation for hosting the most technologically advanced shooters on console. Its answer: ODST, a brand new FPS set in the Halo universe but separate and apart from the super-soldier heroics of the iconic Master Chief.

Digital Foundry's conclusion? ODST's going to be one to watch. Maybe not a graphical showcase to humble Killzone 2, but still a good-looking game with gameplay scenarios tailored to the unique properties of Bungie's proprietary engine. They've picked apart the Halo tech to showcase the best the engine has to offer, but who knows what other enhancements, tweaks and tuning improvements are under the bonnet and yet to be revealed?

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