Germany to outright ban violent video games

A German website has provided vital information regarding new laws coming into effect in Germany which could potentially cripple the country's video game industry. It is claimed that German ministers have today agreed to ban the production and distribution of all violent video games, with the law only having to go through parliament in the next few weeks.

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ShadesMoolah3886d ago

Ironic. Poor Germans. It's like UK folks trying to ban bad weather if they were able to.

TheMART3886d ago

Germans are stupid. First they start WWII, invade my country and some others and now they ban all violence?

Much violence first, no violence now. I don't get those dudes. Ah well I'll still shoot Germans in many videogames produced elsewhere I guess. Its all fine by me.

dktxx23886d ago

their so sensitive to violence because of what happened in WW2. Germany certainly isn't proud of WW2 nor the holocaust. Its a bad memory that they will never fully shake, and this is the result.

felidae3885d ago

yeah, right! all germans are stupid .. moron!

STARS3885d ago

That's a shame, people should learn the difference between fantasy and escapism (video games) and real life. Unless the Germans choose to import God of War 3, that game will never see the light of day in Deutschland.