GamePro: PSP Go: E3 2009 impressions

Let's be honest: The PSP has room for improvement. The existing PSP is a slick device, but overlarge and saddled with an aging UMD drive that adds bulk and a battery-draining disc.

Enter the PSP Go, a much smaller, sexier device that drops the UMD, adds 16 GB of flash RAM and Bluetooth, and compresses the older PSP's brick-like form factor to a narrower, sleeker size and shape. Sure, the screen is a little smaller, and Sony didn't add a second analog stick or touchscreen. It's also a touch pricey, weighing in at $249 (expect that price to drop to $199 rapidly as RAM prices fall). But taken for what it is, the PSP Go is a huge success.

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PistolPumptMonk3420d ago

The PSP GO seems really cool to me and I would love to get one but I'm kind of torn. I have an original PSP with about 20 games and if I get a PSP go I won't even be able to play those games at all.

It would be nice if Sony offered something through Gamestop or a similar store where you could trade in hard copies of your games for digital copies to put on your PSP GO. If something like that happened I might consider getting one. Otherwise, I will stick with my original fatty and wait until the true PSP 2 comes.

Fencefry3420d ago

There were at least 2 stories about how Sony will be offering a way to go from UMD to digital.

mintaro3420d ago

250 dollars is still ridiculous.

Rainstorm813420d ago

i would gladly spend 250 on a psp go than spend it on a Wii with far less impressive games sad when a handheld games quality is oonpar with a major console.

KKanjiAnkh3420d ago

I play the mess out of my PSP but uh, when the PSP makes games like Muramasa, and Fragile i'll be ecstatic, so no it's nowhere near on par.

sniper-squeak3420d ago

...battery life of the new PSP Go?

Fencefry3420d ago

PSP 3000 with 16GB card is abouyt $250, and an Ipod Touch 16GB is about $300. I would much rather have the Go than a touch IMO.

Oh and sniper no statement has been made but with the loss of UMD I bet it will be at least +9 hours

sniper-squeak3420d ago

Inquisitively, I went and typed it in on Google and got an answer of "5-6 hours" but I wasn't entirey sure my sources were true...

I'm sure they'l soon release the details though

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MetalGearZach3420d ago

I think it is finally time for me to get a PSP. I have an iPod Touch and play games on that and I didn't ever feel like there were many games on PSP that I would play. I just watched the Sony Keynote at E3 and have decided that I will be spending a lot of money on games this Christmas. And just for the record, $250 is not too much money. The original PSP was that much when it came out and the PSP Go is way cooler with more features (not to mention a 16 GB storage system inside!).

San Frandisco3420d ago

yeah,allthough ima be buying it one day one it launches,i allready know,just like the article said,that the price will drop allmost instantly... like a month afterwards or a little more.

but im a must have type of dude wen it comes to sony and technology.
Sony overprices almost everything of their's.
but if you want future proof then you want SONY.

red2tango3420d ago

Completely true. I have an 18-year-old Sony tv and it looks better than most 5-10-year-old SDTVs (ofcourse brands like Panasonic, Sanyo, etc.) which is incredible. I bought a PS2 and it is still with me, but the PS3 is the most future-proof thing I'll ever own. Can't wait for PSP-GO too!

LevDog3420d ago

I like it.. For a person that has been on the fence about a PSP for the last year.. The UMDless smaller Go is just right.. I couldnt find myself.. hauling lil umds everywhere..

flankhim3420d ago

I agree they shouldve added an analog stick. This is something all hardcore gamers want. Hes got a point too with no touch screen no casual gamers are going to buy. So they are just getting the inbetween market.

gamingisnotacrime3420d ago

up coming games would be PSP Go only, like the DSi only compatible games. Sony is loyal to its fans and they want the early adopters to be able to enjoy everything late adopters can (unlike the HDMI in newer 360s). Sony is proving they are worth trusting. When the PSP2 arrives, it will have all the bells and whistles we are demanding.

For now, i want the PSP Go. When the price is right

silverchode3420d ago

its still the original psp not the psp2

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