NextGen Player: E3 2009 Nintendo Impressions

NextGen Player writes:

"At last year's E3, Nintendo's media briefing was somewhat forgettable. The only announcements I had any interest in was GTA: Chinatown Wars for the DS and the introduction of the Wii Motion Plus accessory. However, if we look a bit deeper and base judgement on the fact that their focus was to push casual gaming, then they did a good job. I'll admit that much.

At this year's E3, my wish was for Nintendo to bring more to the table. Sure it's ok to appeal to the casual and non gaming masses but it would be an injustice to those of us who are more serious gamers and own a Wii, DS or both. So let's get down to the nitty gritty as I share my take on Nintendo's E3 2009 media briefing."

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