SFX-360: XBOX Originals: Max Payne Series Review

SFX-360 writes: "The series that first brought you "Bullet Time" is back again and this time it's bringing its vengeance upon XBOX 360. New to the XBOX Originals family, are both Max Payne and its sequel Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne, for 1200 Microsoft Points each. Riding high on the popularity of the Max Payne movie featuring Mark Wahlberg, released in 2008, interest in the game about a fugitive undercover cop has been revived.

The violent and vengeful story begins with Max Payne, a New York police officer, arriving home to find his wife and daughter murdered by junkies drugged up on Valkyr. With nothing left to lose Payne decides to dedicate his life to seeking justice against those who are responsible for the Valkyr drug by joining the DEA as an undercover agent. Three years pass and Payne is deep into his investigation of the mafia's trafficking of the Valkyr drug when all hell breaks loose. Payne's partner is murdered leading the police to believe that he is the main suspect while the mafia soon discovers Payne is undercover and also want him dead. It's then Max Payne against the world and he intends on taking everyone out who stands in his way..."

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Picnic3425d ago

The Max Payne games are excellent. The restaurant level in the first game and the fun house level in the second game are iconic to me.
The graphics are also superb and I was surprised that some magazines gave the games less than 8/10 because this series wears any cliches on its sleeve.