SFX-360: Halo Wars: Strategic Options DLC Review

SFX-360 writes: "Ensemble Studios released the Halo Wars Strategic Options DLC on May 19th for 800 MS point ($10); we are here to determine if your money is worth the investment... Now I'm sure they thought about many things such as new weapons or even follow the usual route of Halo and add more maps... Instead they added 3 new game styles to your Multiplayer and Skirmish Game Modes... The two typical game modes that were previously available were enjoyable but now you have a total of 5 to choose from... Shipped with the game you have your Standard mode which is starting out with limited resources and you have to build your empire... Then Deathmatch mode where you start out with maxed techs and a lot of resources and see who is fastest at the draw... These 3 new modes bring a whole new style to the game with good and bad results...

Keep Away was the first addition so of course it was the first that I played... The object is to grab the flag floating around by whatever unit touches it first and hold it for 2 minutes in order to "score" a point..."

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