SFX-360: Guitar Hero Metallica Review

SFX-360 writes: "As promised, Guitar Hero Metallica fully envelops the idea of a video game based on a band. Beginning with an intro spanning over all of Metallicaâ€s albums and a glorious walk to the stage in the opening credits, Guitar Hero Metallicaâ€s attention to detail cannot be missed. From Kirk Hammettâ€s mole to the Saint Anger fist at the end of each song, it is clear that this game is first and foremost for the Metallica fan at heart. Taking the concept of creating a band (as in Guitar Hero World Tour) and molding it with the idea of a band based video game (as in Guitar Hero Aerosmith), Guitar Hero Metallica tells the story of a band looking to follow in the footsteps of their idols. The game play is much like Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock in the sense that players must complete set lists along with encores rather than gigs as used in Guitar Hero World Tour. But unlike any of the previous Guitar Hero games, Guitar Hero Metallica requires a minimum number of stars be attained in order for players to progress throughout the game..."

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