SFX-360: Punch-Out!! Review

SFX-360 writes: "It has been fifteen years since Little Mac has laced up his gloves for a few rounds in the squared circle, and over twenty years since he and I trained to take out Iron Mike on my NES. With the help of trainer Doc Louis, the three of us headed back to the ring with Punch-Out!! , released May 18, 2009 on Nintendo Wii. Published by Nintendo, developed by Next Level Games (Mario Strikers Charged), and produced by Shigeru Miyamoto (insert fanboy squeak here) both new and returning armchair pugilists can fight for the World Video Boxing Association championship and revel in the innocent nostalgia of beating a virtual man senseless and making orphans of his children. That is assuming the virtual mothers of said children die of grief. Not so innocent now that I think of it.

Punch-Out!! holds true to its roots by providing a challenging pattern-based game experience that feels old school but delivers a whole new series of frustrations..."

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