SFX-360: Velvet Assassin Review

SFX-360 writes: "I was really psyched to play Velvet Assassin, the new WWII stealth game from SouthPeak Interactive and Replay Studios. Based on the exploits of real-life agent Violette Szabo, we control British secret agent Violette Summer as we slink along the shadows waiting for the next enemy kill. The presentation is beautiful, the shadows are… dark, and the… I canâ€t lie to you guys. This game couldnâ€t keep my attention if I was the one being assassinated. I really tried to like Velvet Assassin. As soon as I read the gameâ€s back story I jumped all over the chance to review a WWII era stealth game. Playing through an agentâ€s morphine-hazed memories sounded like a great plot device, and Violette was a better British agent backside to behold than 007â€s. Metal Gear and Splinter Cell are awesome games in the stealth genre, so this one should be as well, right? RIGHT? Wrong. Velvet Assassin is slow paced, even for a stealth game..."

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